Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Snip #15

Good afternoon gorgeous lovely ladies and gents!
So this weekend has been spent in chaos at our house. We are having our kitchen done (FINALLY! I can't tell you how much me and Andy need this doing - oven door hanging off and everything!) My stepmum came to stay during the week and we popped into Milton Keynes, I needed to buy some bits and pieces including Lee Staffords Hair Growth Treatment. It's working people!!

 Hair News
In the news this week, Gwenyth Paltrow's stylist for the InStyle cover has admitted to using a loofah on her hair to give it texture. Bizarre, think I'll stick to a brush.

Handy Hint
Fancy trying out a knitted headband? Why not cut a length of an old jumper and stitch to fit your head perfectly. Adding some cute buttons, charms and something sparkly can make it unique to you. And it's a cheap way to try out a trend.

Product of the Week
Not a hair product this week, just a new necklace that I've put on the Silver Peacock site. Called Key to a Dream, it's a heart top key, on a 24" silver plated chain, gorgeous for layering, or wearing on it's own. I've (of course!) kept one for myself. My sister is also after one - what do you think of it?

Celeb Hair of the Week 
*said in X Factor Peter Dickson style* Stacey Solomon, wow didn't her hair look great at the NTA's this week. She really seems such a lovely girl, and I wish her every success in the world. Her hair really plays on the ombre/dip dye trend that is obviously still going to be HUGE this year. Very Drew Barrymore. And I loved the plaited up do. Perfect. What did you think of her hair?
Hop your weekends have been fun filled, any news to share?
Products to rave about?
Or just fancy a hair moan...leave it below!
Ooh p.s I did a little interview for FashionandBeautyHQ so if you fancy a little read on a Sunday afternoon please do...and let me know what you think. :)


  1. I agree, Stacey looks fabulous! I would love her hair. x

  2. Aww thats good youre getting your kitchen all done up gal, I'd love to get our wee bathroom all modernised but if My dad sells our flat soon then there is hee haw point! :( REALLY need to get my hands on that lee stafford growth stuff, my hair is crying out for it! the key necklace is gorgeous :) could defo be a cheaper but just as gorgeous alternative until david I MEAN 'I' can afford a silver tiffanys key ;) xx

  3. Stacey looks gorgeous, is her hair real? I don't remember it being that long in the jungle. She's such a sweet girl she could do wear anything and we'd all love her.
    Love the jumper idea, while you're at it cut the sleeves off and use them as legwarmers, ideal for lining your wellies. xxx

  4. Love Stacey's hair, it always looks fantastic x

  5. That Stacey chicks hair is amazing!!!
    Hurrah for getting the kitchen sorted,sweetheart!
    Stunned that anyone would use a loofah on hair?!Weird indeed!!! Ouch,even!!

  6. I think the necklace is pretty.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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