Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Snip #14

Good afternoon you lovely bunch!!
First up I want to say "hello!!" to some new readers that I think came from the lovely Ayden giving me a mention. Hope you enjoy reading Hair Advice.

I've spent this weekend creating some pretty styles for a bride to be, my first wedding of 2011 to style. Squeezed in a spot of shopping, and went for a lovely fresh walk with Andy and Holly. Holly is knackered now so currently snoring in her bed! Hope you've all had lovely weekends?

Did you know?
One human hair can support up to 6.5 pounds. That's a pretty strong strand right there!!

Top Tip
Told you I'd be back! Just a quick video from me, nothing too major. What's your top tip this week?

Hair Product of the Week?
After finally getting hold of some at the weekend I can't wait to try out Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle. Expect a review on these soon. I know some other bloggers have mentioned this, how did you find it? Is it a new staple in your hair styling routine?

Celeb Hair of the Week?
Natalie Portman's hair looked gorgeous at the Peoples Choice Awards. I love the ponytail and quiff, and how it looks relaxed yet is just enough to look glam and suited her outfit perfectly. 

What's been your product of the week, or whose hair are you conveting?
Have a great Sunday, and see you next week for more ramblings of a self confessed hair geek! 


  1. That hair bow looks fab, what a bargain!
    Dying to know what you think of Backcomb In A Bottle. I love it. Being a hairdressing numbskull I find it adds height and body without the need to get the comb out plus the packaging is so classy.
    NP's hair is lovely but what's with the cardi? xxx

  2. Really excited to read your review of Backcomb in a Bottle- as someone with quite fine hair that appears completely unable to backcomb by itself I'd really like to see how well it works. Natalie's hair looks absolutely gorgeous, I wish I had half the skills to do that! I'd really like to see some videos for updos for layered hair- I've been growing mine and appear to have no hair styling ability whatsoever, but I feel my layers don't help much with updos!

  3. Natalie Portman's hair looks gorgeous, as does the bridal style of yours.
    Looking forward to hearing what you think of Backcomb in a Bottle too! x

  4. Love the bridal hair, Kel! So gorgeous.

    Isn't Natalie Portman just stunning? Gah, I love her.

  5. Oh I like the quiffy ponytail very much! Wish my hair was that controllable - if I try it it just ends up looking like a complete wreck.

  6. ooh love the pearls in her hair!! natalie portmans hair is amazing here she is stunning! :) x

  7. Thanks you lushious bunch!
    Bride was happy her hair, so that made my day. :)
    @Vix, think she added the cardi later that night, not very red carpet glam!
    @Peacock's Hat Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try and get a post done about layered hair, I know lots of people mention it when they wear hair up.


  8. Very pretty bridal hair! Looking forward to your backcomb in a bottle review, it sounds like an amazing product!

  9. Wonderful post!
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    Glamour Marmalade

  10. Wow! That was awesome. Amazing because this hair-do can be worn any day. It looks fresh and natural.

    Wedding Hair Adelaide


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