Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday Stylings

Well not worn on a Saturday, but shown on a Saturday. I headed out for drinks on Friday night with some friends, it's the first time I've been out since Christmas - definitely needed a break! Anyone else been hidden away after Christmas, not wanting to go out?
We went to a lovely local pub that sells proper cider (I'm a west country girl so appreciate a lovely pint of Old Rosie!) and my favourite Hoegarden. It's a work out and a pint - the glasses are unbelievably heavy!!
I just went for a messy up do, using the old middle parting, sweep the rest up and pin randomly. Age old technique I'm sure you'll agree. What do you think?

The earrings were in my fab jewellery swap with Vix, I love wearing huge earrings - I've cut down on the earrings over the years. Used to have 5 in the left, 5 in the right...but you grow up....a little anyway! :)
Do you prefer wearing your hair up or down when you hit the town?


  1. Ooh, your hair looks fab - I love messy up-dos although it's very hit and miss when I attempt them myself! I usually wear my hair down as I'm always rushing around to get ready - I should definitely start making an effort and wearing it up more often! x

  2. If I could get my up-do's to look that good I'd definately be hitting the town with my hair up.
    Those earrings look gorgeous on you. xxx

  3. that is such a fab do! I'm hopeless with hair, so it's always down for me!
    Those earrings are amazing as well! xx

  4. Haha, no one ever mentions Old Rosie when talking about cider, its so dangerously strong!
    My go-to updo is pretty much the same as yours, hair in a ponytail, then shove a load of pins in it. Obviously this is the technical version.

  5. Love your updo! It's chic but not too formal!


  6. Oh if only I could do them that well! Even with dirty-ish hair the pins always end up falling out and then the whole thing collapses, hence me not bothering doing it very often.

  7. Love a good messy updo! I'm pretty rubbish at doing them though!

  8. u looks good with the style :) , but ot for me , since i have chubby face


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