Monday, 10 January 2011

Salon Surgery - Carly aka Millmo7

It's time for another Salon Surgery, if your hair is giving you nightmares, or you've had the cut from hell, then this is the place for you. I can hopefully offer advice that will avoid a hairy situation for months to come.
The lovely Carly tweeted me recently asking if she could get some advice. I love doing my Salon Surgeries so got some more details and hopefully I can help Carly with her "hairlema"
Carly wanted some advice;
My hair was cut short in October and I am now growing it out, its at that awkward length, sitting on my shoulders. I was wondering what sort of cut to get so it looks nice as it grows out. Thinking maybe layers or thinning scissors through the end or something......but don't want much length off as I'm trying to grow it. It's shorter at the back, longer at the front.

So what's my advice to Carly?
Growing your hair out of a shorter style is always difficult and when you reach that awkward stage it's hard not to just get it cut back into the old style.
Patience is the key. There are ways around growing out styles that don't mean wearing hats until it's grown.
Layering can help disguise the fact you are growing out a style. Go for longer layers that start around the jawline, avoid getting too many cut in as you'll end up with wispy ends that won't make your hair look any longer than it is. I wouldn't recommend thinning out the hair at the ends, this may give you wispy ends and leave you with too much bulk in the middle of the hair.
If you can, try wearing your hair up more. Pinning sections away from your face is a quick and easy way to "dress hair up" and try out some hair accessories, take the attention away from the hair and focus more on the accessory.
Keep getting regular trims, use a trusted hairdresser and always make sure they are aware of what you want, exactly what you want. Trimming the hair will help keep the ends tidy, and promote healthy hair.
Curls and waves can hide hair that is being grown, and look great on layered do's. Even if the hair is longer at the front you can go for a Victoria Beckham sexy, shaggy bob for that effortless glam look.
Look after your hair, avoid excessive use of heated tools, where possible wear the hair natural, this will also help keep your hair in tip top condition. You could use Lee Staffords Hair Growth Treatment if you want to try and speed up the growth process.

Hope that helps Carly!! If you have a hair problem, or just want some advice, you can email me, tweet or leave a comment. I've also got a formspring so feel free to ask on there - I'm not saying I'm the god of hairdressing and know all the answers but I'll give it a good go for you. :)


  1. Excellent advice, as always. Is that VB tousled look easy to do if you're not particularly clever with hair or is it one of those that requires a team of helpers to achieve?

  2. Great advice, Kel! Isn't Carly gorgeous, I bet any style would suit her pretty face.
    I remember an ill-advised haircut many moons ago, wearing your hair up really hepls as people get used to you without your locks and always comment on how much it's grown when you are brave enough to wear it back down. xxx

  3. great post :)
    loving your blog by the way!! x

  4. ohh kelly you are SO helpful! x

  5. @Alex, It's not a difficult style to pull off, will try and sort out a tutorial if you wanna give it a go. No team of helpers required. :) xx

  6. Ooo i'm loving your salon surgery! Nice blog xx


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