Monday, 17 January 2011

The Long and the Short of it...

Long V Short. Which side of the hair fence do you sit on?

For some girls short is best, they work the pixie crops, rock the gamine cut, and give off an air of confidence and style. Girls with long locks, the envy of many - so long it can be effortessly looped up and pinned or worn down in cascading curls. Lucky Audrey Hepburn could work both long and short. Of course!

At some point, us girls will experiment with our hair, a new fringe here, a few layers there, but the majority always go back to a previous style. Is it a sign of wanting to remain the same age, did that time make us feel happy and secure? Many say long hair acts as a security blanket for the wearer, and the longer haired ladies would find chopping it all off either liberating or terrifying. I've been every colour of the rainbow, and gone from short (the POB) to growing my hair again now. I decided to grow my hair as I love styling it, wearing it up or down can really change an outfit and different occasions call for different styles. I also, being a hairdresser, have learnt what suits my face shape - and whilst I would love a Jen style crop, my face just wouldn't suit it.

Fashion and the times we live in obviously affect the way we wear our hair. With more celebrities giving us great short hair, these days it's not the classic sign of a celeb to see a mountain of hair, coiffered to perfection. Emma Watson, Frankie from The Saturdays. Beautiful styles showing that long hair doesn't equal sexy.
Does age play a part? Older women more often than not have short hair, are they made to feel that long hair isn't allowed past a certain age? Goldie Hawn (65) & Helen Mirren (65) show that long or short hair can be sophiscated and sexy. And Mirren carries off her natural colouring with aplomb.
What do you think? Have you gone from long to short, or short to long and loved it? 
I'd love to know your thoughts on this...


  1. I must say that I love long hair. Although some girls look fabulous it's just not for me.
    I had an ill advised shoulder length cut years ago and was as miserable as sin, especially when a guy I fancied accused me of "selling out". xxx

  2. When I split up with my ex boyfriend I went from longggg to short! Chopped it all off. It was a posh pixie esq crop at the time, LOVED IT :)
    Did it again about 2 years ago & hated it- similar cut, but I think she didn't do it as well and saw photos of long flowing hair everywhere, regretted so very much
    I'm thinking I want to get the chop again, am in two minds though. I think short hair looks better on thinner faces- so need to lose some podge first

  3. I have never been brave enough for a little pixie cut, not matter how much I love that style; my face is just too round. So I'm growing out my Pob to a long style so that I can achieve a top knot! x

  4. Fab post and I love the pics of Audrey-beautiful.
    I currently have mid-length hair, almost like a long bob but in 2 weeks, I have an appointment for a cut and colour and haven't got a clue what to do?! Do I keep it long and maybe get a bold fringe cut in? Do I go for the 'Frankie' cut above which I love and so many people tell me to do but I am a little nervous of, as I have never been that short and think I have a round-ish face?! :(

    *sighs*....any advice please let me know hun :) xx

  5. Bonjourno lovely Kelly!

    I luurrve this post, as you know going-for-the-chop is something close to my heart as I had all my hair whacked off in April last year. I had it short while I was at uni, then got bored and grew it again. It had been about three years of long hair before I craved the short again...

    I love short hair (although mine has been so short I've even had 70% of my head shaved!) and although recently I've been dying to wear up-dos because of your fab tutorials, I think I'm sticking with least for now ;) xxx

  6. My hair is completely my security blanket - I hide behind it all the time and can't imagine what I'd do if it was short. I think you need one of those very beautiful faces with great bones to carry it off properly and I don't have that!

  7. I'm currently in the process of growing my hair and it's the longest it's been since I was about 15. I've had it in a short Kelly Osbourne style and a bob since my long teenage hair but wanted something I could do more with. Unfortunately, I'm finding that I may have long enough hair now but I don't have the styling skills! I get pangs to chop it off now and again but am trying to stick with it at the minute.

  8. I'm definitely a long hair fan. When I was younger I had waist-length hair, and decided that one day I wanted to chop it all off and get a bob. I cried myself to sleep every night for a year!

    I do love a short, pixie crop but I definitely think you have to have a certain face shape to pull it off.

  9. I have always had long hair because I have no clue what short style would look good on my face shape. oh well, longer hair is more fun to style! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Jay

  10. I currently have long hair but get major hair envy whenever I see a girl with a pixie cut.
    I used to have shorter hair and actually found that I spent a lot more time styling it than I do now...the pain of growing it out puts me off getting my hair cut short again even though part of me really wants to go for the chop! x

  11. Firstly, just wanted to say thank you so much for the comment on my last post girlie. Means so much to me! Really smiled when I read it. This blogging malarkey brings all sort of madness with it eh :) gotta take the good with the bad! Aww the picture of frankie makes me miss my short hair lots :( BUT I am doing well with growing it, and just hope I can keep it up without giving in to the chop again! If I looked as good as Helen Mirren and Goldie Hawn when I'm in my 60's, I will NOT be complaining! :) xx

  12. My hair has always been fine, and when I was little was landed with a full fringe bob that I rebelled against the older I got. I grew it and grew it into a frizzy, fine, flyaway MESS and finally, at the age of 18, had it lopped off. It was the BEST thing I ever did. I would never grow it again.
    Having it short does have its draw backs, it's basically the same style all the time, although it can be styled with cute slides or a headband, and can get quite boring. I keep it exciting by changing my colour, I regularly flick between a chocolate brown and a rich red shade. I'm also experimenting with growing the top of it longer in order to have a bodywave put on it, which with add a slight curl and (hopefully) masses of volume to my do.
    I used to spend hours being envious of girls with long curly hair. But in reality, I have a fantastic, fashionable hair style that takes 2 seconds to do in a morning and (9 times out of 10) looks mint.
    Short hair FTW!!!!

  13. I am very much in the long hair camp! I think the fear of doing anything drastic with it will probably keep me there for a long time to come!

  14. Darien78
    I love longhair ladies


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