Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lauren Conrad - we love your hair

Lauren Conrad, author, designer and owner of some rather gorgeous hair. Recently she's left behind the honey Blonde locks and gone for a beautiful Brunette shade, I think I spy some balayage going on there. And I think you'll agree it looks lovely, it's the perfect length, and colour, and really does shine with health (or a miracle product & team of stylists)
It's giving me some serious hair envy. I love the curls she wears, and often create a similar look (hopefully pretty similar once my hair hits that length!) using my Andrew Barton tong (a bargain at £19.99!!) It's a really easy do to wear and only gets better as the day goes on. What do you think?

I think this might be my next tutorial that I do. 
I need to get my vlog head on, feel so self conscious doing it sometimes though! Girlies that do tutorials, videos etc got any tips so I can get on and do more for you?


  1. Gorgeous! Can't wait for your tutorial lovely! xxx

  2. looks really nice! you really do have similar hair :) xx

  3. You're hair looks amazing, looking forward to the tutorial! x

  4. Oh, I love it. LOVE it. Hers and yours. I might print this post out and take it to the hairdressers when I next go! I'm loving this soft, golden brown shade... perfect for the lighter spring days! xx

  5. This looks lovely Kelly - it really suits you! x

  6. It looks fabulous, Kel. You can officially be called a long-haired bird now. xxx

  7. LOVE her hair wish i had it

    and yours looks gorgeous,so shiny


  8. Ooo this is lovely hun, go you! xx


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