Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Every Little Helps?!...

I was quite surprised to hear in the news that Tesco are planning (and have trialed) beauty and hair salons in store. By the end of 2011 they hope to have opened 70 hair and beauty salons.

So is the unstoppable force that is Tesco going to run small salons and freelance stylists out of business offering cheaper services whilst you shop? They will, of course, be able to offer cheaper prices, and I'd imagine incentives linked with your weekly shop.

I'm not sure how happy I feel about this, as a customer and a hair stylist. Whilst I understand Tesco wanting to conquer another section of the market, it makes me feel sad that we are really going to lose another part of the "high street" experience. I'm not saying I always shop on the high street, but try to for the majority. I buy my meat from the butchers, and used to go to a salon on my high street, along with using other local shops to try and help my high street.

One concern would be the noisy environment, let's be honest Tesco isn't exactly the most tranquil of places at the best of times, trolleys are used as battering rams, children are screaming, and you always see a couple having a row over the type of potatoes they want. Will the salons/stations be tucked away behind doors, or would we see a member of staff carrying out a pedi sitting next to the baskets?

Although, would a benefit of Tesco offering these services mean that certain overpriced salons would be forced to lower prices? The price of a cut & blow dry has risen dramatically over the past few years. And whilst it's understandable to increase prices, there would be a limit to what the salons could charge?

Another question that pops into my head is would you get your pricing based on the current finest and value ranges? I don't fancy popping down Tesco for a loaf of bread and a value cut. Might end up looking like one of my training dolls. :)
Would you go to Tesco for a cut and colour? 
Or do you prefer your salon experience or home styling?


  1. Don't talk to me about Tesco! Our Mediaeval market has already been decimated by the arrival of a 24 hour mega Asda and we have a two week-old huge Tesco plonked right in the centre of town. There's nothing these stores don't offer, newspapers, books, a pharmacy, clothes, make-up, photo developing, music, currency, exchange and an optician. Give it another few years and that's all our high streets will

  2. Hmm this is intriguing. I;d be interesting in finding out what the quality of employees is like and the products they will use- maybe some Tesco value shampoo and conditioner? I think this would be good for blokes, or kids getting their hair trimmed but to be honest I don't think its a great idea! x

  3. Really interesting post. I was reading about this the other day and I'm still not convinced - I agree with Ellie, it's good for guys and kids... but I can't imagine the core market for hairdressers - women aged 25-50 (a loose estimation of ages, I admit!) would go to a Tesco salon.

    I think a big part of getting a haircut is the experience - it's an hour out of busy life, a time you can relax, read a mag, drink a coffee and chat. I love to sit in plush surroundings, getting a head massage, flicking through Vogue and just chilling when I'm at the hairdressers. Much of the experience is about the image too - lovely designer products, soft towels, sleek interior, etc. I cannot imagine Tesco will offer any of that.

    I'd be interested to see inside a Tesco salon (maybe they'll prove me wrong and it'll be just like Toni & Guy!) but I don't think I'd book an appointment. xx

  4. I wouldn't get my hair done at Tesco, I'd put them in the same camp as the walk in no appointment places. Quick cut but you pay for the speed with poor quality.

  5. It sounds a bit snobbish, but with the prices that you'd expect Tesco to charge (i.e. loss leading prices to get people in), can they really afford to pay a decent stylists wages?
    I have super thick hair, so I'm quite fussy about who cuts it!

  6. hmmm, I am also a bit on the iffy side of this! I think it's very American, and something they'd have- as they seem to have EVERYTHING in their super markets.
    I like the idea, but it would have to be cheap!!!! I mean, cheap! other wise, what's the point. Getting your hair done at the super market doesn't really sound great. and it's not like you're saving mounts of time, as you still have to do your shopping before or after your hair being done

  7. Thanks for your comments girls!
    All valid points, and all of you are swaying towards a no on the Tesco salon front.
    I do wonder about stylist wages Hayley and I have to agree Rach with the speed = poor quality unless the stylist has a lot of experience.

  8. I don't think I'd get a Tesco haircut! It's not really a relaxing, pampering environment which is what I want from a hair salon. Call me a snob, but I'd be a bit embarassed if someone asked me where I got my haircut and I answered "er...Tesco!". x

  9. I can't imagine anything worse. My lovely hairdresser is John Belfield trained, come to my house, has a brew and some cake and does my hair perfectly for a fantastic price. Tesco simply cannot compete with that!
    Rebecca x


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