Friday, 7 January 2011

Cooking for your hair...Isabella Beeton

I recently got this book, and passed it on to Andy, he does all the cooking (and very good at it he is to!) and loves finding new recipes.
Whilst reading it the other day he said "Oh they've got all sorts of hair stuff in here" Knowing the massive hair geek I am, he handed me the book, and there it was. All sorts of recipes and advice for healthy hair.

It's an old recipe and tip book by Isabella Beeton (the original domestic goddess, Kim & Aggie eat your heart out!) containing mock turtle soup recipes and other delightful things. I never thought I'd find anything that could help my hair, but there it was in black and white.

Pomade for your hair, help it grow and treat it right, using some basic ingredients. I love all things natural so this was a really interesting read for me.
Promoting hair growth
Ingredients. Equal measures of olive oil and spirit of rosemary; a few drops of oil of nutmeg
Mode. Mix the ingredients together, rub the roots of the hair every night with a little of this liniment, and the growth of it will very soon sensibly increase. When illness is the cause of the loss of hair, brandy should be applied three times a week, and cold cream on the alternate nights.

Pomade for the hair
Ingredients. 1/4lb of lard, 2 pennyworth of castor oil, scent
Mode. Let the lard be unsalted; beat it up well; then add the castor-oil, and mix throughly together with a knife; adding a few drops of any scent that may be preferred. Put the pomatum into pots, which keep well covered to prevent it turning rancid.

Will you be giving Beeton's recipes a go? What do you think of adding a bit of lard to your locks?
If you do I'd love to know. I'm definitely trying the growth treatment - and will let you know the results, who knows it could be the miracle treatment!!


  1. oh gosh the lard makes me feel a little sick haha. But the growth formula sounds pretty nice! may have to give it a go. x

  2. 1/4 lb of lard.
    i loled hard! xxx

  3. Thats mental! Ive heard of people putting beer in their hair, and egg yolk too. But to be honest the thought of putting stuff like that in my hair is kinda gross :( even tho its probs more 'natural' than the shampoos etc we use! (chemicals ahoy?!) anyhoo, I actually just did a hair post and it wouldnt have been complete without a wee mention of you and your blog! :) xx

  4. I do love a rosemary rinse on my hair, great for adding shine and darkness. As a veggie I think I'll give the lard a miss. xxx

  5. Hehe, I love the advice about applying brandy. Can I not just drink it instead?

  6. I want to try the growth treatment. I really hope this works! Thanks for the post!

    xo, Jay

  7. I love this blog and I so want the book!

  8. Think I'll try the hair growth one, the lard made me feel a little ill haha xox

  9. i've used lavender scented lard on the ends of my hair before washing. it works amazingly well and is very easy to wash out compared to other oils. the results totally shocked me. i was prepared to end up with greasy hair but it didn't happen! lard is amazing for hair and skin.

  10. Coconut oil does the same thing and its animal friendly :). Looks the same too


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