Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Take a look: Babyliss Pro Advanced Ceramic Styler

GHD no thanks, Cloud Nine take it or leave it. It turns out I'm a Babyliss girl...who'd have thunk it eh?!

I have always craved the latest "must have" straightener, the floating plates, the power to curl and create and achieve smooth shiny hair was top of my list. 

My trusty Babyliss Elegance was getting to the end of it's life, after lasting an impressive 5 years! They served a purpose and got me out of many a wavy haired nightmare.
But ladies and gentleman, raise your bottles of heat protection and toast the Babyliss Pro Advanced Ceramic Styler
I was lucky enough to win this styler and from using it I'm impressed. For the price (£59.95) it's much more affordable than it's competitors, and has all the design features you'd want. 
The all important automatic switch off...check. Floating plates...check. Temperature control, ranging from 140 degrees to 230 degrees...check. And you even get a heat mat so no more singed carpet or burn marks. One of the stand out features for me is the fact it has a memory setting meaning you can set it to remember your preferred temp. It has the ability to curl or straighten, all in all a tip top package!

I loved on opening the box, the easy to read points to explain what your straighteners could do, yes there is an instruction book also but this was a great "quick start" guide. The instruction booklet tells you how to straighten effectively, and also how to curl (complete with pictures which gets extra marks from me)
I'd recommend putting this on your Christmas list and hopefully Santa will be leaving this little beauty under your tree. Even old credit crunch Claus could manage that. :)


  1. I don't often use a straightener but might have to invest in this one after Christmas, it sounds perfect for my needs.

  2. I'm pretty hooked on my ghd's, but these do sound really good, and a lot more affordable. Thanks for the recommendation: I think I'll give it a try.

  3. Wow, that's a lot cheaper than GHD's! I should probably invest in some straightners at some point soon - do these come in another colour than pink? I don't do pink!

  4. @Alex Yup, not just hot pink, also available in Black. I went for Pink as all my gadgets are black, wanted some colour. :)

    @HiFashion Thanks for following! :) Definitely worth giving these a go.

    @Laura, that Christmas list is getting longer. hehe!

  5. great review my dear! i really want the babyliss curling wand.. i heard it was good and i really want more curly wavy hair for next year :) x

  6. Whence are you coming, wandering nightingale?
    You are crying, I will also cry.
    You seek the rose, and I the beautiful one.
    You are crying, I will also cry.

    Thanks...wonderful Lady!

  7. My ghd's are the white ones from a few years ago, and they are actually shite kel! So, thanks for the heads up on these ones :) I might be investing in a new pair next year! I really want a pair of crimpers too haha, do places even still make them? xx


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