Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Hey Babe Take a Walk on the Wild Side...

(LOVE that song!)

I bought a new winter coat ages ago and I've just got round to taking some pictures of it - don't know how you fashion bloggers do it everyday!!
Bargain of a deal over at A|Wear with 20% off, and free delivery. This was far cheaper than any I'd seen lately. And I'd wanted one for ages...

Comments so far vary from the original "Just had Pat Butcher on the phone, she wants her coat back" to "Wow, what a fab coat, looks great on you!"...I don't mind what people say, I like, keeps me warm and who can say no to a bit of leopard print. I've been wearing it with my burnt Orange leather gloves mum got me for Christmas last year....

What do you think?
 Do you go wild over leopard print? Or do you leave the print to Pat?

And to the beautiful Vix who returned the favour and sent me a whole heap of pretty jewellery. We are both jewellery fiends so I squealed with delight going through this little lot.

We've been relaxing at my mums for Christmas, the dog is loving the big beanbag in the living room!

It's an exciting time as my sister and her boyfriend have just exchanged contracts on their new house! I can't wait to see it, and we've been helping her organise what needs doing.
Good Luck Stells and Paul!!


  1. Thanks for the mention Gay Gurl :o)
    Pat did call me and ask for her coat back, but I did say it looked better on you! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Happy Xmas, Kel! I adore a bit of leopard print and I'm more than a little in lust with your gloves.
    Your Xmas spread looked delish, certainly put my half of a frozen Lidl pizza to shame. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I love that coat - looks fab with the gloves. Hope you had a lovely Christmas! x

  4. Happy Christmas my dear! I must admit, that I've not been a leopard print fan in the past, but I'm now a convert! Love the coat, and I agree it looks fab with the gloves! xx

  5. Darling,your leopard coat is too DIE for!!!!Eeek!
    Looks like you've been having a lovely time,yay!

  6. Leopard + red is a great combination, no doubt!!


  7. I think you cant go wrong with some leopardprint :) youre lookin goooood! Mind you, I saw a girl today with leopardprint coat AND massive leopardprint hat on (ears and everything) which was a bit too much. Just gotta keep it simple, love it with the red gloves :)

    On another note, my mumma didnt get me moroccan oil, but she did get me Marakesh Oil?! I was like whuuuut! I think its like £20 from Trade secrets, she was insisting its just as good lol, we'll see ;) I'm not a brat, I just know that she quite often bamboozles me with her hairdresser chat! To be fair tho she got me some tigi shampoo, my rockaholic hairspray, and some paul mitchell serum. So... the shiny haggis is back :) xx

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