Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Happy Blogday!!

As the title suggests today is a special day for me and my little blog. 
Hair Advice and All Things Nice is 1 today! Hooray!

I know every blogger says it but I really am grateful for the friends I have made, the comments I get, and the great community I'm involved in. I reached 200 followers recently which was a target for my 1st birthday. Thank you to all that read the blog, I hope my hair geekiness is good reading and that I've helped with any hair problems you have.

Thought I'd do a little 'awards' type post, just mentioning some of the lovely people I've met, and what fantastic opportunities I've been given.

Most loyal commenter - Vix @ Vintage Vixen, runner up Alex @ Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks
Vix always comments on any post I do, with an honest opinion, and well thought out answer. She's funny, talented, lovely and has a jewellery collection to die for. So thanks gorgeous lady.
And to Alex, well deserved runner up, again Alex always comments on my posts, and what I love is that she obviously reads the post, rather than scans it then leaves a throwaway comment. She owns some beautiful shoes (which gives her bonus points) and seems a lovely person. :)

Your comments make me smile - Ayden @ Little Blog of Horrors
Ayden always makes me smile, whether it's tales of what she did, how she sat and cried after a haircut, or just general chit chat. She really takes time with her posts, and I love reading them as it's like talking to a best mate. She's such a lovely haggis. ;)

Most loyal follower - Crystal, my little sister
She reads the blog regularly and always lets me know if my pics have been too posy, or she didn't like something. She's helped out on posts, and is always happy for me to muck about with her hair. I love her to bits, and yes Crystal I will be doing a "special post all about you" soon.

My Favourite Post ever - Sunday Snip
Not so much one post, but the Sunday Snip series has been great fun to write, and I've learnt some very random facts indeed!
I love the comments you guy leave on them, and I think it makes a fun read. What's your favourite type of post?

Your events always rock - Aussie
Since the beginning I'd dreamt of being an Aussie Angel, and now I'm lucky enough to be part of the angels I can say the events are just getting better and better. So much thought and effort goes into them, so thanks Aussie. It's been amazing!

And the final award has to go to Jen @ A Little Bird, without her there would be no Hair Advice. She gave me the idea of blogging and I'm so glad I did. She deserves the success she is getting with her blog, and I hope to finally meet her one day. :) Thanks Jen!

So that's it guys, once again thanks for all your comments, heres to another year just as fun filled.
And if there is anything you'd like to see more of, let me know! :)


  1. Oh no :( I left a lovely comment and then the page wouldnt load and now it is deleted! just wanted to say well done on your bloggy birthday, you are such a wee star and your blog is awesome. You deserve all your readers plus millions more :) and also, thank you so much for the mention, you have no idea how much it made me smile ♥ I feel lucky to have made such great bloggy friends like you on here. lots of love for you girlie :) il be your haggis forevaaaa! haha xx

  2. Happy Blogday! I think cake is needed ;)

  3. Happy Blog Birthday to you and your blog!
    I really like your Sunday Snip series too, its always a great read and also loved your feature on Jen going from blonde to brunette. Keep up the fab blog :) x

  4. aw this is lovely :) yay Happy 1ST Birthday you rou & ur blog. How exciting. As a fairly new reader to you blog, I find it very helpful, and also fresh from the normal beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogs I normally read.
    lots of love xxx

  5. Happy Blog Birthday!!! You are the biggest hair geek I know...but I love it :o) just wish you loved closer so you could be my personal stylist everyday! hehe.
    Can't wait for 'my special post' when is that scheduled in for??? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Well,that's awesome! It ain't easy,and is a lot of work,so for you to have made a whole year is terrific!Congratulations and Happy Blogday!

  7. Happy Blog Birthday! I love your Sunday Snip posts :)

  8. happy blog birthday! i'm having so much fun reading through your blog :)

  9. Hooray for Kel! You are so lovely. Congrats on a whole year of blogging - so glad you started! 2011 is OUR year! xx

  10. Aww, thank you for the mention sweetie! I really must take shameless advantage of you soon and ask for some advice about getting my hair chopped.

    Huzzah for the blogiversary (is that even a word? It is now!) - you deserve all of those followers and tons more!


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