Monday, 6 December 2010

Hair History...Kelly Osbourne

Daughter of rock royalty Miss Kelly O. Lately Kelly has been through quite the change, emerging a beautiful looking lady with great style and some fab hairdo's. So I thought I'd do a hair history taking you through the journey.

Kelly stuck to a pretty normal style when she was a young teen. Simple, natural with no hint at things to come..

Then came the Osbournes, and Kelly tried out singing. Her hair matched the vibe for her singing, cutesy punky pop. In came the colours and heaps of rocky texture.

Then followed a series of different styles...lasting quite a few years and going through seemingly all the colours of the rainbow! The cuts were rough, rocky and ranged from mohicans to pudding bowl. Long or short didn't worry Kelly, and with her face shape she could carry both off.

Slowly the colours were changed in favour on block colours, and the styling was mixed up regularly with some great new looks, the chicago bob was sleek, gorgeous and shiny....

She found her hair and face shape suited a bob, or jaw length cut, but was lucky that most colourings suited her skin tone.
Kelly O is looking pretty hot these days, from her lavender hair, to teeny new waist. I love the styles she tried out recently and her hair is looking great at the moment. Of course all of her hair disasters have been caught on camera - all part of growing up for one of the most famous offspring of Ozzy & Sharon.

How gorgeous does she look on the final two pictures?
Really grown into her own style and comfortable in her own skin.

What do you think of Kelly Osbournes image change over the years? 
Who would you like to see next on Hair History?


  1. My jaw dropped when I saw her being interviewed on the piers morgan show and I saw how tiny she was! she has lost soooo much weight. and as she gets older she looks more and more like her mum! I really like the lilac, and defo think she suits the blonde too. Such a different look from her edgy, rock chick days! xx

  2. I love her hair right now,
    these photos also highlight how much she has grown up and changed. I love her.

  3. without any doubt she is one of the girls with more change in her hair style..besides that I like how she looks like with most of them!

  4. Aw I love kelly, I think her hair looks great now! xx

  5. I really loved her mauve colour- ok it was a tad Dame Edna, but equally as fabulous! I'd love to be able to get away with a do like that!

  6. Some of her hair styles have been quite strange but I love her most recent looks - they really suit her :)

  7. I love her new look. You're so right, so looks grown up and very comfortable in her own skin..FINALLY!

  8. Great post - one of my fave hair histories so far! I do love Kelly Osbourne espesh. over the last couple of years - so many styles, a girl after my own heart. The lavender is particularlly amazing! I'd love to see another Kelly's hair history though...yours! x

  9. She really does look so amazing - it is so strange how much her face has completely changed since losing the weight. I've always had a little soft spot for her and am so glad she seems happy and healthy finally!

  10. definitely she really does look amazing now xxxxx

  11. Hmm, can't say I'm keen on the lavender hair but she's looking amazing at the moment. I do rather like the short black hair in the pic with the hot pink lippy - really funky.

  12. lovely blog (:


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