Thursday, 23 December 2010

Hair History...Brad Pitt

We've had Cheryl, Drew, Jennifer even Siouxsie! So for my next hair history I thought I'd try something a little different...I give you Mr Brad Pitt.
Now I've had a thing for Brad since...a long time. The chiseled jaw, gorgeous eyes, I even like him with a beard. So thought I'd drool work hard researching his various guises through the years...

Memorably Brad's big break was as the sexy cowboy in Thelma and Louise. Lucky Susan Sarandon! Long messy locks
 The hair got longer during the Interview with the Vampire days, Brad definitely preferred the "beach bum" look over clean cut.

It's no secret Brad tends to emulate the style of the ladies he dates. Remember Brad & Gwen's matching bleach blonde crop?
Then there were the Jen years. Such a beautiful couple!  Brad again went back to the beach look, the hair colouring was natural and sun kissed and the cuts were shaggy. He also tried out the buzz cut, must admit I prefer him with more hair. Brad stuck to an all American look, and he and Jen looked great together.

But we all know what happened there! And a sharper looking Brad appeared when dating Ange, at least for a while. I think he's changed his look the most whilst dating Ms Jolie. And as he's got older he's definitely swayed toward the Robert Redford look. The side parting, or the slightly bouffant style - they really do look like father and son.

And it's not just the hair on his head he experiments with, there have been the facial fuzz varieties he's sported over the years...

The long and short of it is though, whatever this man does he looks gorgeous, well maybe not totally bearded up. My favourite ever Brad look has to be the short, messy cut when he played Tyler Durden in Fight Club. What a man.
What do you think Brad's best look is? And who should I tackle next?


  1. Oh GOSH. I've never really fancied Brad Pitt that much apart from when he was in Fight Club, but seeing these photos makes me think I've been a little blind!

    I think he is just perfect now, I prefer an older man and he looks much sexier now :)

    Love these posts! x

  2. When he was in Fight Club - fit as! x

  3. It's a tie between the Fight Club pic and the second one of him and Angelina - definitely better with the short hair!

    I'll be honest though, I don't really get the Brad thing. Do I fail as being a girl for admitting that?

  4. He has had some awful looks but I think he looks really bad when he has a beard. Short hair and a shave all the way x

  5. Brad has certainly sported a lot of different looks over the years. I think the long hair suits him well.

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