Sunday, 19 December 2010

Curls & Colour...

Wow, well after my "we must be leaving in a snow bubble" tweet (we'd had none!) it came down hard, we've had a big heap of snow, the dog loves it - still finds it fun to eat random mouthfuls!! :) How are you all getting on in the snow?
Anyway on with the subject in hand!!

It's well documented through the blog that my hair, up until I got rid of the Red, was a nightmare. It had stopped growing, was thinning and shedding an awful lot and I was really concerned about it. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't go to a hairdresser who didn't take care of their own hair so I knew it needed sorting.

Luckily, I got to model for a creative colour course being run locally, and found a solution to banish the Red without the nasty regrowth. That was about 6 months ago, and my hair has just got to the point where I'm really noticing the regrowth. But still, half a year with no colour after colouring solidly for over 2 years every 6 weeks. A nice break for my hair I'm sure you'll agree.

But it was time for a freshen up, and I fancied something a bit funkier. My friend Samm kindly came round to sort it out on Saturday, I could have done it myself, but due to making sure we got all previous other colours toned correctly, I thought it was safer for Samm to work her magic.
She battled the snow and spent 5 hours sorting my hair out, and this is what I got....

Samm used the balayage technique on the mid lengths and ends, and using two colours and some bleach she achieved that easy maintenance look I wanted. When the hair moves it shows different shades and tones and it gives a more natural look. She also sorted my fringe, it never really knows what to do with itself, but I'm finally training it to be some sort of ok.
I love the different shades and how they blend, I also love that changing my parting will give different looks. My hair will now be getting some looking after using some lovely conditioning treatments. I know I won't have to colour it again for another 5 months or even longer.
I love that fresh hair feeling. What do you think?
Have you been pampered this weekend, or has the snow hindered your beauty schedule?


  1. Your hair looks fantastic! So shiny and healthy. Love the colour too. xx

  2. It looks lovely,Kel!! You'd never know you had any hassles with it! Hurrah!

  3. Oh it looks stunning! I've been terrible to my hair this weekend - was so tired on Friday night that I fell asleep with it wet and then on Saturday morning woke up looking like Sideshow Bob!!

  4. Lush lush lush. Did I mention your hair is lush?? xxxx

    ps LUSH

  5. I love it Kel! :) You look gorgeous, and to not have to worry about it for at least another 5 months sounds awesome! I love that fresh hair feeling too, Im gonna try get my mum to trim my fringe this week so its all nice for christmas :) gonna try really hard to grow my hair this year, so a fringe and a bit of colour here and there distracts me from wanting to chop it all off! xx

  6. Your hair looks amazing. So shiny (I'm jealous!)and it's great how you won't have to colour it again for so long. Love the hat you're wearing although definitely no reason to cover up that gorgeous hair! x

  7. It looks beautiful Kelly, really natural and glossy. The colours really suit you! xx

  8. Oh it looks to healthy and glossy!

    Handy friend you have :) xxx

  9. :) Love you lot!!

    @Ayden, do it!! I can't imagine you with long hair! Ooh exciting.

    @Alex, I always do that, hoping that it'll look gorgeous and bed heady. I end up looking like a bin monster. :)

    Thanks for all the lovely comments, xxx

  10. your curls look stunning, great tips!!


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