Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday Snip #11

I'm back! Haven't done a Sunday Snip in a while so thought I'd better get on with it. Otherwise I'd be in trouble.
This week has been a busy one, lots of paperwork to sort out and we are hoping to get the kitchen done soon (it's a mess - long story, involves me and a oven door!)

Right onto what's important in the world of hair this week...

Did you know?
That your hair grows faster in warmer weather. I think this is definitely a case for moving to sunnier climes. :)

Handy Hint!
Worried about your curls dropping before you head out the door for a night out? Pin the curls to your head and shake loose just as your leaving. They'll cool and harden into their new shape and as the night goes on they'll stay fabulous.
I'd love to know your handy hints for getting ready on a big night out?

How did they do it?
Punks used to hairspray then iron out their hair to create mohicans and mohawks. Creating styles that didn't move when watching bands live - and getting more than a little excited. :) Imagine how sizzled that hair was.

Hair Product of the week?

Moroccan Oil is still my top product, if you have a Christmas wish list, put this miracle of a product at the top. My hair has never felt in better condition, and it may just be psychological but I'm sure it's grown quicker since using it. You can get yours from here, HQ Hair is brilliant on price and products.

Celeb hair of the week?
After last nights X Factor, I think we all know who it is...Katie. I know lots of people don't like her, and really didn't like her hair, however the more I look at it, the more I like it. I loved the styling of the whole outfit. And think this is a new Katie. I also thought she was the only contestant last night to do a Beatles song justice. What did you think?

What has made your weekend? Anything that'd make your Sunday Snip?


  1. So I'm not going mad, my hair really does get a growing spurt on when I'm in India?
    I though Katie looked gorgeous, I love her new hair and Jon was totally captivated. Why are people so mean to her and Cher? Whatever happened to sisterhood?
    I thought Mary did the best. xxx

  2. I can't make up my mind about Katie's hair. Really.

  3. I love your hair tips - i'll definitely be trying the one for curls :) My hair is in need of a desperate cut right now!

  4. i was not happy with katie.
    her hair that is, i miss her blonde. :( x

  5. That Katie stole my hair! Haha!

    I must try Moroccan oil - I've been hearing such amazing things. Will definitely pop it on my Christmas list! x

  6. There's a student who walks past my office most days with a mohawk. He looks about 12, bless him. Sometimes he doesn't do it very well and it's not very spikey and collapsing. My colleague and I are always on the look out for the state of his hair - brightens up our day! I might have to let me know about ironing with hairspray! xx

  7. Her hair looks fab - lucky woman to be able to carry off a pixie cut!

  8. See i'm not a fan, totally wrong cut for her face shape, colour is flat and the hair needs to be longer and a featured longer maybe disconnected fringe would of flatterred her face shape alot better!! cant help but feel this is a last ditch attempt by the xfactors styling team, i do hope that colour is a pre pig!!

  9. I dont like katies new hair, I really liked it before.

    Check out my giveaway- xxx

  10. I swear by moroccan oil. I have really dry skin, so I put a tiny bit on my face as well as my hair- it's incredible!

  11. I want to hear about the oven door incident! :P

    I'm not a fan of Katie's hair, I don't think she has the right face for it... :/ xx

  12. Thanks girls! Very mixed bag on Katie's hair!

    The over door shall we say was a victim of my sheer brute strength...not really just old and now hanging off. :(


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