Wednesday, 10 November 2010

She's got the X Factor...Dannii Minogue

I say it every year "don't think I'll watch X Factor this year..." Then I get hooked.
This year is no exception and for me, one woman this year is once again getting it so right every week....Dannii Minogue.

I love Dannii, always have, but since she's gone shorter with the hair it has looked incredible every single week. Take a bow Christian Vermaak. He looks after the hair of Dannii, Kylie, and Emma Bunton to name a few. Whether it's glam curls, swept back up do's or a body boosting blow dry Christian can do it. I love his styling of hair, it's always soft but high on glamour.

Here are some of my favourite Dannii looks of the show so far...

 I think she has been 1st place every week as far as styling goes. I can't wait to see her hair every week and know it's going to be something different each time. Her colouring is perfect and it makes me want to go short again.
What do you think of Danniis hair? Or are you team Cheryl?
 (or do Wagner's locks rock?)


  1. I don't watch it so thanks for the photos, otherwise I'd have no idea what you were on about!

    She looks AMAZING in the red dress with the quiffy hair.

  2. I love Cheryls hair better, for sure. However it is usual more boring & the same most weeks! I either like or hate Danni's hair, I think some styles she does are really great but some times I think she looks awful

  3. Same here, every year I say I'm not going to watch the dreadful thing and without fail I'm recording the bloody programme and watching it in a hungover blur on a sunday.
    Dannii's definately tops in the hair stakes, loved the quiff. Cheryl hair's a dreadful Sharon Osborne 1980's red, never good in my book. xxx

  4. haha i hate myself for watching! i am amazed by her ever changing hairdos...xx

  5. I love seeing her hairstyles every week, they are always so good and her dresses are always great, apart from last week probably.

  6. Hehe some guilty viewing going on then!

    Loving the love for Dannii's hair. Think she might be a Hair History as doing this post I found a whole heap of hair do's.


  7. shes rocking a bit of the ombre at the moment isnt she?! (is that even how you spell it? you know what I mean though eh) I think a hair history for danni would be awesome! :) your haggis comment made me giggle. they used a little bit of moroccan oil spray on me Kel and I am in love! begging my mammy for the shine set for christmas. Your haggis comment made me giggle ;) Haha, so true tho! xx


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