Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Review: TRESemme Ultimate Hold Platinum Shine Hairspray

TRESemme has always been a bit hit & miss for me, some products are amazing, and I'll repurchase - the Root Boosting Spray being one. Others don't quite live up to the promise - the Thermal Protection Shampoo & Conditioner. Anyone else have this problem?
So when I saw the Hi-Shine Hairspray on offer in Sainsburys a little while back I thought it was definitely worth a try. Little sidenote, Sainsburys is amazing for beauty deals, I always find Aussie on offer there, and the deals are such good value for money.

Does it do what it promises?
"Ensure your style lasts all day. Our salon quality Ultimate Hold hairspray has an ultrafine, fast drying spray that is non sticky and brushes out easily. 24hr humidity protection defends against frizz and flyaways, for smooth styles with fantastic shine, important for that just-left-the-salon look" 

The shine it creates is great, and really does smooth flyaway hairs which is great for curls and wearing hair down. It brushes out easily and it's really lightweight.
The hold really lets it down. Ultimate hold? Didn't hold. I used this when I wore my hair up the other night, not an elaborate do, just a simple top knot and it didn't stay put. It does tell you to layer the spray over bits for more hold, this creates a stiff crisp look which isn't what you'd want.

Would I get it again?
If it was on offer, it's something I'd definitely have in my kit. I'd use it for styling curls and sets to encourage shine and allow movement.
RRP is £4.70, although it's on offer at Sainsbury for £3.13 at the moment for 500ml.

Anything good to say?  
It has a great smell, probably one of the best hairsprays I've used in that sense.
You get a lot for your money, and the packaging is really sleek and the pressure button is great, doesn't clog and sprays an even mist rather than a jet at your hair.
It's great for natural looks and I've been using it when I've worn my hair down and in curls as it allows the hair to move and look natural and relaxed.

Let me know if you've tried the hairspray and thought differently? 
Maybe you have a favourite you can recommend?


  1. I never use hairspray, if anyone ever asked me to name a brand I'd probably say Elnett as it's the one make I'm familiar with. I've been meaning to buy some for ages as it would probably help anchor the stray hairs when I put mine up.
    I did use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner for a while but found they made my back really spotty and horrid. xxx

  2. I've not used this one, but the hairspray im using right now is a tresemme one and it smells amazing! and is defo a nice even mist with a top that doesnt clog. so were happy to stick with this one for a while (and when I say we, david has a wee sneaky skoosh of it in the morning too, what a girl!!) thanks for the heads up on sainsburys, il defo keep my eyes peeled for beauty offers next time I'm doing my shop :) xx


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