Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How would you spend £40,000?!

I love ebay, buying, selling, ain't nothing you can't find on ebay. :)
Majority of us using Ebay, or even shopping online do so using Paypal. It's a safer, easier and quick way to spend your money online. So when you are shopping how about being given the chance to win £40,000?! Sounds pretty good doesn't it, it won't take time out of your busy day, it's not about signing up for anything, all you have to do is use Paypal to buy something.
And you don't just get entered once, you get entered as many times as you buy using Paypal. Marvellous eh!? There is a weekly prize draw and it runs until the 1st of January. If you want to read more about it have a look
What a Christmas present 40k would make....I'd take Andy and I off to some exotic location and eat as much seafood as I could, and Holly would get a nice new fluffy bed. My sister has just bought a house so I'd treat her to anything she wanted for it. And finally I'd take my mum on a spa day as she totally deserves it. If I had any spare change I'd fill a swimming pool (minus the water!) with crisps and eat the lot.
If you won you might fancy going wild on ASOS, shopping till you dropped in Boots or perhaps pick up some gorgeous underwear from          Figleaves The choice would be yours.
What would you spend £40,000 on?!
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  1. Haha, I love your crisp obsession!

    I was discussing this with a friend the other day and we came to the boring conclusion that we'd probably save most of it for a house deposit. I may have to blow some of it on several pairs of Irregular Choice shoes first though!

  2. A round-the-world ticket without a shadow of a doubt! xxx

  3. I would definately put a deposit on a flat for me and the boy, go on holiday, give my family some money and lock the rest away! if there was any left that is ;) xx

  4. HAha! I can't help it, I love my crisps. :)

    I'd probably be boring in real life and put it on my mortgage. What a grown up....or buy a house made from crisps.

    Great choices ladies, and Ayden there'd be none left...but like your positive thinking. hehe!


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