Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Hair Health! Getting your Keratin

It's cold isn't it?! The temperature has really dropped the past few weeks and we are waking up to frosted windscreens, crispy paths and red noses.

Your hair really takes a battering during the winter months, I've written about some treatments you can do to protect it in the past, here and here. But I thought it was time to make sure we are getting the right stuff on the inside too. It'll help not only our hair but nails & skin from the winter nasties.

Keratin, the stuff that makes your hair, nails and skin look great. Too little of this can cause brittle nails, dull skin and thinning hair.

Mostly, keratin can be found in animal protein (hemo iron) so gelatin is a great source of getting keratin. Gelatins can be found in a lot of things, strangely marshmallows - which don't hold any nutrional value...but are yummy. Eating meats, cheeses, yoghurts are also a great source. Along with meats and fishes such as beef, turkey and tuna.

Understandably there are veggies out there that don't eat anything with gelatin in. How can you get your keratin? Foods such as beans and pulses (I love adding these to soups and stews to get them in my diet) nuts & soybeans to name a few will help.
I'd love to know how veggies keep in tip top condition and how they get their essential vitamins, does it ever affect your health? Do you find it easy to cater for your hairs needs?

You can get keratin shampoos, conditioners and styling products. But all of the ranges I've seen cost mega bucks, so I think I'd rather stick to marshmallows and soybeans for now. After all they do say it's whats on the inside that counts...

Do you think you have enough keratin rich foods in your diet? 
Or will you be stocking up on them now?


  1. A health benefit to marshmallows? Best news I've had all day! I think I just try and aim for general healthy eating rather than concentrating on any specific vitamin/protein/whatever. Seems to work!

  2. That's the best excuse to eat marshmallows! I hate the effect winter has on my skin and hair so definitely trying to stick to the healthy eating advice! x

  3. Being a veggie I don't eat keratin if I can help it. My hair's never suffered, must be something nutritious in alcohol and Indian food that they're keeping secret from us. xxx

  4. Marshmallows! Nom!
    Well, I've honestly never thought of it before, but my mum puts a whole bag of lentils in her soup, and thats a pulse, so I think I'm sorted! ;) :P xxx

  5. Like I really needed another excuse to stuff my face with marshmallows!


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