Friday, 12 November 2010

Giving Aussie the eye...

Afternoon girls, hope you are all well and looking forward to your weekend...I can't believe this time last week I was getting ready to meet up with the gorgeous Aussie girls for what turned out to be an incredible night.

Take the Heat, the newest range from Aussie keeps your hair safe from the frazzling elements of hot tools, overuse of them and makes sure your hair stays in a great condition. I'll be reviewing the products sent to us at a later date, but what I've used so far it's fair to say Aussie have come up trumps. Again.
From L-R Me&Steph, Natalie, Kelly, Zoe, Steph
I turned up on a cold and blustery evening to meet lots of excited girls ready to jump on the London Eye for a special VIP ride. Two rotations showed us what a beautiful place London is at night, even more so with fireworks surrounding the skyline.I was pretty nervous as I was on my lonesome but it was fantastic to meet some lovely ladies, Steph, Natalie, Kelly, Zoe & Amy you guys made the evening go with a bang!
Excited Angels skyhigh with the London Eye

After the excitement of the Eye, we headed off to Covent Garden...not by foot, not by tube. By hummer. Yes that's right, big fat hummer. This met a lot of girly squealing and "oh my god this is amazing!!"
So up we rocked to Jewel bar in Covent Garden and we were welcomed by a lady and some fire. Talented and definitely themed to Taking the Heat!! The cocktails were mixed, cupcakes handed round and lots of chatter later it was time to go.

At Jewel, Well done Hayley for winning the Take the Heat award.
Thank you so much Aussie and Emma & Roxy for arranging this. I feel so lucky to have been to this event and the thought and effort that goes into it is amazing. If you want to read even more and find out what the Leeds girls got up to then pop over to the Aussie site.
Hope everyones Bonfire night went off like a rocket?! :)


  1. Sounds like one fantastic event and I'd say the same if I were riding a hummer too.:D

    You girls look fab and thanks for sharing the event pictures.

    Have a great weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. That looks like so much fun!

    You look flipping gorgeous by the way - hair is perfect and the dress is so beautiful. Where's it from?

  3. That looks amazing and all of you look absolutely gorgeous! I ADORE that dress, it fits like a dream and that baroque print is stunning. xxx

  4. Kelly you look stunning!! I am in love with your dress- where's it from. Glad you had a fab night xxxx

  5. Aww! This looks amazing! I love that my best friend Nat is in the photos! yayay :) x

  6. Great post hunny :) I really need to get on and do mine
    AWWW, such an amazing night- loved it

  7. You look so lovely in the pictures miss :) I'm glad you girls had an awesome time, I am hella jealous at these fab aussie events! Thats an amazing view from the london eye at night, awww. When I went up it was raining, major fail! xx

  8. Thanks lovely ladies!! :)
    My dress is from good old Matalan. They have some gorgeous stuff in there at the moment, I got another dress at the sametime for a Christmas party I'm going to.

    Thanks for the comments, love reading

  9. You look stunning in these shots, Kel! Love your hair and your darling dress.

    So jealous of your VIP trip on the Eye - I've always wanted to go on at night! x

  10. Ooo you look lush! Jealous you got to go! Beens using take the heat its so good! xx


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