Sunday, 28 November 2010

Breakfast with Lee Stafford...

On Friday I was very excited to be invited to Lee Staffords apartment in Soho, for a sneak peek at some new additions to his fab range, and to chat to the man himself about all things hair.

I rocked up on a cold and crisp morning and followed my nose (and directions from Daisy - I got lost. Pretty standard for me) with the waft of freshly cooked bacon and sausage rolls (made by Lee himself, good cook!)
It was great to meet Lee, who talked us through his products and the personal stories that helped create the products we love. It's nice knowing the stories behind the products and makes it seem more accessible to us.

I must admit I didn't realise the range was so big now, I remember the shampoos and conditioners coming out, and used to use the spray wax when I had a mullet with a spike (nice!)

There are other items which I think are must haves in the battle for texturised, sexy hair. Big hair is, well, big news lately and we all want a bit of volume. So with this is mind the Ddouble Blow Mousse, along with the Big Fat Texturised Super Spray are definitely top of my big hair list. I will also be trying the I Hate My Hair The Day It's Washed (previously known as Day After Spray) - which solves the problem of frizz and flyaway hair and gives you the day after hair without the wait and possibly grease. Genius idea! The Climate Control range in this weather has turnt out to be a godsend.


Lee asked us all about our hair and what we wanted to do with it, he dished out products he thought would work for us and spoke about how to use them to get what we wanted which was refreshing, it's nice being able to understand more about what they can do for your hair. I'll be reviewing different products for you - of course I'm interested in the Hair Growth treatment and will be carrying out a scientific experiment to see how long my mane grows.

There are some new additions to the range coming soon, which are very exciting indeed. Lee's own Argan oil (Moroccan Oil) which I'm really excited about, there are further additions to the Hair Growth range. All that along with dry shampoo in a light and dark version. With all launches in February, and June/July it's definitely worth keeping your eye on the range for new products - of course the packaging will help you spot them.
A big thanks to Daisy and Lynda at nbpr, and to Lee for being a brilliant host.

So what would you like to see reviewed? 
Anything you've thought of trying but wondered if it'd work? 
Have you got a Lee Stafford favourite product?


  1. Wow so jealous that you met Lee! I'm a huge fan of the Hair Growth Treatment and a few of his shampoo and conditioners, but need to try that texturising spray i think! xx

  2. Love him, he is such a gorgeous man! Love his products too :)

  3. um how Jelous!!!!!
    looks amazing, I need to try some of these products xx

  4. Lucky you! You look quite at home with the lovely man there.
    I used to love his straightening spray back in the bad old days when I had blonde poker straight locks. xxx

  5. Wow, lucky lady! An invite to Mr Stafford's house? How exciting! The new products sound very interesting... I must check out the big hair range. My eternal battle is to achieve proper, big hair! x

  6. i'd definately tap that :) xxx

  7. wowowow! i love him, love a bit of ruff haha :P xx

  8. Utterly jealous! I love Lee Stafford products, they work wonders on my hair (which is kind of beyond redepmtion) and smell sooo good.

  9. I would be interested in the hair growth treatment being reviewed, lucky you meeting Lee x

  10. I have bought so much Lee things this week love it!!

  11. How fantastic! You lucky thing! I love Lee Stafford, he my kind of hairdresser, straight to the point and honest! I need to try that hair growth treatment! x

  12. Wow - get you hobnobbing with celebrity hairdresser types! I love the hair growth treatment product - I went through two tubs when I was growing my short hair out after uni (only to have it all cut off again earlier this year!) Would love to know whether that day after hair stuff works? xx

  13. That is amazing Kel - what a personal and memorable experience! To be honest his packaging has always put me off (lower caps, upper caps, uuugh hurts my horribly dyslexic brain) But I have heard good things about them. Any top products from the current range that you'd reccomend after meeting with him? Ive got some boots point to use up! :) xx

  14. Thanks for the comments lovely ladies!! :)
    I had a brilliant day, and it was great to meet Lee.
    I'll definitely review the hair growth, and I Hate My Hair The Day It's Washed spray.
    Ayden, for your hair it'd probably be the spray wax (great for giving hair the rough look) or if you are growing it, join me on the hair growth treatment train. :)


  15. Lucky girl. Love his products more than any other celebrity range. They all smell fab too. xx

  16. Oh Kel, how exciting!

    I'm a long time fan of his dry shampoo but I don't think I've tried any of the other products (not much of a product kind of gal really). Interested to hear your reviews though :)


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