Thursday, 4 November 2010

Aussie Hairspiration - Gimme a Wave

Another day another vid, this time it's easy peasy (hopefully) waves with heaps of volume.
Liz Taw will show you how...

And here is my attempt. I love the volume it creates, and it's a good do for dashing about on trains and the British weather. My hair is natural wavy so I think that helped give it some oomph.
On the day I'd set my hair in rollers to give me time whilst I do my make up, and help the curl to set.
Hehe what a geek!
That's the last on the left for which one you think would look best on the night and I'll do it. 
You control me, and you only have till Friday 3pm to vote :) And if you want to me to add something or think another style would work then tell me! I'd love to hear...
Let me know if you've tried any of these, would love to know if you have?


  1. oh youl ook so pretty! Bardot is my fave so far though, just voted :) Have a fantastic time, cannot wait to see your photos! :D

  2. The waves look lovely on you. I can't decide on a favourite though, argh!

  3. youre looking fab missus! Wish my hair was longer :( I'm getting there tho. ohh its your birthday on monday?! :D I hope you have a fab time at yo sushi, mondays are best cause its blue mondays and all plates off the belt are £2.20 - defo an excuse to eat as much as your stomach can carry! loves it! have a great weekend lovely xx

  4. Thanks you 3!! :)
    Ellie, I'm gutted you aren't coming. Will def take lotsa pics.

    (Ayden I am gonna stuff my face. Love sushi and that has made my Mon that it's cheap. Thanks, really looking forward to it)

  5. I love the waves on you, Kel. Have a fab time and don't forget your camera. xxx

  6. I'll need to catch up on the previous few, but I love this look! xx


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