Monday, 18 October 2010

What does your hair colour say about you?....

A little while ago I read an article in Red magazine brooching the subject that women are often thought to be less intelligent the prettier they are.
It got me thinking about hair colour, and how people are perceived because of it. we've all heard the terms dumb Blonde & fiery Redhead, but do they match the personality of the person? Does your hair really show who you are?

Are famous people to blame for the steretypes given? Marilyn Monroe, perhaps the most famous blonde, apparently had an IQ of 163. However the acting roles she was given and her media image showed her as a dizzy, ditzy sex bomb with a wiggle and cute giggle.

There are many blonde jokes, depicting women as stupid if they are blonde. However many women dye their hair blonde. Is this because blonde hair is often linked with sex & fun?

When I think of Brunettes I think classy, sophiscated & healthy women with long glossy manes. Maybe the haircare adverts watched over the years have made me think this, Pantene, Herbal Essence, L'Oreal.
Or the actresses that have graced the screen playing roles, such as Audrey Hepburn (any excuse to feature her beautiful face) & Ava Gardner. Recently Katie Holmes and Catherine Zeta Jones have shown a classy brunette side.
It seems to be the way to get yourself taken seriously in Hollywood, want a serious role dye your hair darker. Scarlett Johanson, Katherine Heigl being two who've chopped and changed.

Redheads, the fiery redhead, passionate, bold, attention seeking. Boudica, queen of a Celtic tribe, described as having a great mass of Red hair, Redheads aren't often thought as timid and quiet.
As many of you know I had Red hair for around 2 years, and must admit it did make me feel braver in my clothing choices, sounds silly doesn't it. However my hair made me feel that people expected me to dress with more flare.
Strangely Jessica Rabbit is probably the Redhead I think of first then we have the likes of Paloma Faith nowadays, who knows no boundaries when it comes to dressing up.

What are your hair colour thoughts, Brown, Red, Blonde? Anyone judged you on hair colour? 


  1. Brown! I don't think anyone's ever judged me on it though, probably cos there's nothing particularly interesting about it to link prejudices to.

  2. When I was a blonde and a boss back in the bad old days clients always assumed my male assistant was in charge, I'm sure it's because of stupid blonde stereotypical misconceptions.
    When I dyed my hair black I found I had a lot more male attention, even guys who'd known me for years started finding me more attractive.
    Having seen both sides of the coin I can definately say that blondes DON'T have more fun. xxx

  3. Red.I'm afraid I am loud and quite bad tempered,but it's not my fault is it.

  4. Red all the way! I love having red hair now, it does make me choose more outgoing outfits and have more fun with it! x

  5. course marilyn monroe wasn't a natural blonde!

  6. I've been all sorts of colours, blonde through to black, I never get taken seriously as a blonde (or now as a pastel pink).

  7. I've never gone blond, but I've been red all the way through to black. I spent quite a few years with my natural colour (auburn/brown), but I'm now a chestnut colour, mainly due to those pesky greys that have decided to appear over the past couple of years! xx

  8. Interesting post! I like to think I'm a bit of a stereotype enigma - I'm blonde (dumb) but wear glasses (smart). I'm un-categorisable! x

  9. Thanks for all your comments guys, glad it's got some of you thinking.
    I definitely know I've been treated differently due to my hair colour (and big boobs no doubt)


  10. Fun post to read.:D

    I'm a brunette, long and thick!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. Great post! You're probably right when it comes to the image of brunettes in our adverts... However please note that we now have a blonde in our Aqua Light advert and our new ambassador Cat Deeley is blonde too ;)
    I definitely agree with the comments made above. I recently coloured my hair from light brown to natural black, I love it, but I think people see me as more fierce and probably "edgy" since I did.


  12. When I am Brunette people take me more seriously but I find when I was a Blonde the same people treat you as ditzy and I was nicknamed Blondie! I think being blonde is girlie which I like but Boyfriends have always preferred Brunette! Strange isn't it, great post x

  13. Well the girlies in my work certainly do get stereotyped. When I was blonde, it was an excuse for all my daft mistakes ;) But it's going dark purple soon, so that'll throw them off!! :P xx

  14. My hairs brown but its not particularly intersting nor does it stand out. I love red hair though I secretly think redheads are very cool people.


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