Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday Snip #9

Good morning gorgeous people!

So it's another Sunday Snip, full or mind boogling (love that word) facts and stories. The highlight of my week has been trailing a wedding do. Client very happy which makes me happy. What do you think?

Did you know?
Asian hair is twice the diameter of Caucasian hair. The hair has a much thicker cuticle, whilst most hair types having around 5 layers of cuticles, Asian hair is close to ten.

Handy Hint!
Worried about getting hair dye everywhere when DIYing? Cut a hole in the corner of a large bin bag and wear like a poncho when dying your hair. Avoids spills and splashes on you, and you can tear off and bin afterwards.

How did they do it?
Charles II started quite a trend in 1660 for male wigs! The style lasted around a century with powdered wigs coining the term "bigwigs"

Hair Product of the week?
I'm loving my Babyliss Heated Rollers, easy to use, and never let me down. I stick these in, do my make up and get dresssed and by the time I've done that my hair is set. Just take the curlers out and off I go (with a bit of shaking and 'poofing' of my hair) What's been your product of the week?

Celeb hair of the week?

Keira Knightley. I love this bob cut on her. I love the colour, I love the length. Did I mention I love it? Keira looked beautiful with the really short crop she sported a while back, and she rocks with long locks. Lucky thing.

So that's me done, Sunday roast dinner awaiting, and a meerkat lookalike waiting for a cuddle. Have great Sundays everyone. 


  1. Aww, that wedding hair is lovely :) My dad and his missus are getting married in feb, she has quite long hair too and I think what youve done above is really similar to what she was describing to me! I'll need to show her :) Thanks for the sunday tips my dear, hope youre having a cosy wee day xx

  2. Ooh lovely hair and I think I need those curlers in my life! My hair's probably long enough to do curls now! xxx

  3. Love the wedding hair! It's very beautiful. I also want those curlers! xx

  4. Lovely hair, she looks gorgeous, I bet she loves you. Asian hair is so fabulous, I was definately born the wrong race. xxx

  5. Ooh im thinking of getting those rollers. Need to ask for some tips! x

  6. I can do a post about the curlers if you'd like? They are fab and pretty easy to use.

    Was really pleased with the wedding hair, she's a beautiful girl anyway, great hair to work with.


  7. The wedding do looks stunning!

    Love Keira's hair. She's looking beautiful at the moment and much healthier.


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