Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sparkles, Jewels and a lot of pretty things...

Happy Sunday to you all! Hope you've had a good weekend?
Mine has consisted of hairdressing, the wedding hair I did went well, the bride looked beautiful.

Anyway!! Onto the suject of my post! As I said I'll be doing Sunday Snip (thanks for the Snip love - I love doing it) fortnightly so on the other Sunday's I'll be doing something non hair related, it could be anything so keep your eyes peeled. :) This Sunday it's my jewellery.
I adore my jewellery, no ring to big, no necklace to sparkly, no bangles too noisy. So I thought I'd give you a peek at some of the good stuff! ;) I don't mind where I get it from, Primark to the local charity shop..I can hunt down a sparkly goodie at 90 paces!

Love these Matalan earrings, look quite antique like!
The storage for my jewellery is a little haphazard to say the least, but I always know where items are, so here we go.

My latest buys have been from ASOS, and my own website (well I didn't buy them - a perk of making them I suppose!) ASOS is great for jewellery, especially in their sales. This bad boy is Mango and is huuuuge! So heavy but eye catching and I always get asked about it. The Turquoise Delight ring is from my site, I also made the Red glass tablet style ring and the Pink Rose, Gun, and Cameo. The big disco ball style ring is from Matalan (years ago) and the Amber ring is a gift from my dad and stepmum, the copper and metal ring is from a little shop back home called Out of Asia. I have tons of rings. Love them.

Necklaces, another love. Ok, I know I love all jewellery. :) Have a few favourites, the coral & gold one is surprisingly from Primark, I've never seen anyone else with it, and love it to bits.

The scissors are from Elsiebelle - a treat for myself something thats related to my hairdressing. The half dollar coin was won playing Blackjack in Vegas, once home I got Andy to drill a hole in the top and made a necklace out of it. My lucky charm.

Phew! Well that's that done, if you want any info on where I got other bits and pieces let me know!

Do you go nuts for necklaces, bonkers for bracelets? Or do rings make you sing?


  1. Ooh such lovely sparkly things! You certainly do have an eye for them. The amber and copper rings are especially beautiful.

  2. Gasp! You know how to make this girl happy! What an awesomely fabulous collection, I'm positively drooling! I had to brave the Matalan chavfest earlier to buy a new duvet, if I'd have know about those fab earrings earlier I'd definately have kept my eyes peeled. xxx

  3. Those rings are beautiful! Lovely collection! x

  4. Hi... thanks for your sweet comment, I think you are right in the sense I should stay away from the biggies and fond a wee auld wifie hee hee

    Love the earings! xx

  5. wow check out all those rings xxx

  6. Wowza,honey,you sure do have some gorgeous sparkly baubles!!! I adore jewellery,rings/necklaces are my main thing,but if it's pretty/different/ethnic/bloody fabulous-I'm way into it,and would love to fossick through your goodies!(ooer)

  7. Amazing collection! I have abit of a thing for rings!

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