Thursday, 14 October 2010

Shiny Happy Hair Courtesy of Andrew Barton

I was lucky enough to win Shiny Happy Hair by the hairdressing supremo Andrew Barton through a competition with HJi.
Andrew Barton is a fantastic hairdresser, and seems a really nice guy. He just wants to make people's hair look nice - as he understands that when it does you feel great. And I think that is such an important part of the job. I love making people feel better from cutting/colouring or just putting their hair up. Can make such a difference. Do you feel better after doing your hair? or being pampered at a salon?

It's a really great book, lots of nice piccies, and some really good advice. From cutting to shampoo, fringes to colouring it covers EVERYTHING!..

The pictures are beautiful, and some of the advice is really surprising - stuff that even a hair geek like me didn't know! I love books like this, and they are so handy to have when I need inspiration for an up do, or need to do some research on a hairy matter. 

There are a few different do's in the book, and I'd love to try them out for you, which would you like to see out of this lot? I did the ballerina bun the other day and was really happy with the outcome. Let me know and I'll do a tutorial on it?
You can get this book for a bargainatious sum of £7.49 from Amazon, or from any good book shop.

Have you got a favourite book you use for inspiration for your hair, make up or outfits? 
Or do you wish you could write a book telling people how to do it?


  1. I love all your tutorials so whatever you fancy doing next is just fine by me :)

  2. I'm with Alex, you are such fun to watch, I'd love more tutorials. The book looks ace, I love Andrew Barton, he's such a sweetie. xxx

  3. I love the second look. It's amazing. Makes me want longer hair!!

    heart: Kimberellie

  4. ..."a hairy matter"....tee hee!!

  5. Looks like a fab read. I love the last look - so gorgeous! x

  6. Ohh lucky you! I'm pretty uninspired when it comes to my hair, your tutorials are a godsend!! xx

  7. My mum said the main reason she loves hairdressing is because she loves to make people feel good about themselves :) I ALWAYS feel awesome after Ive had my hair done, its always the best pampering for me. that book looks sa-weeeeet. Please share some do's from it with us! have a good weekend missus xx


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