Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Salons International 2010

The mecca (not the bingo hall!) for hairdressers around the country. Held at London's Excel on the 16th/17th/18th of October, it's an extravaganza of all things hair. You have live shows featuring some of the best in the business. The big companies are there, GHD, Babyliss, Tigi, Denman. And it's a great opportunity to pick up some great value pieces of equipment, products and advice.

City & Guilds training stand
Off I went on Monday morning, ready to do battle with the crowds. And don't think I'm exaggerating. It is busy, really busy. I can't imagine how packed it was Saturday & Sunday. I was flicked in the eye with hair, had my foot trodden on by many an eager stylist and was literally barged out the way for a test blob of a Paul Mitchell product.
However! I was like a kid in a sweet shop. The stalls were well stocked and I got some great deals. It's also great for watching live shows and learning about the newest trends and I picked up a whole heap of tips that were furiously scribbled in my notebook.
I watched whilst Fellowship stylists battled it out on stage - creating some fierce up do's...

Diva Professional Styling had great presence there, with a demo from a lady with the best Red hair I've seen creating a huge up do, complete with an hard edged quiff (simply done with a brush and different heat settings on a hairdryer) They have some great styling equipment, you can check out their website here.
The highlight for me was a show from Adam Reed - he is styling the X Factor contestants this year and seems a lovely guy! He, along with some great tips, showed us how to recreate five looks which were really simple yet stunning - apparently using less grips and pins is the way to work an up do . He really caught the crowds attention - and I loved the fact he told us he was interviewed by Simon Cowell himself for the X Factor gig. No pressure then!!

I'll be doing a post on the Morocan Oil kit I purchased so keep your eyes peeled for that - had to be the most popular product on the day. It really does seem to be the next big thing in hairdressing.

Trends & keywords from the show; crimping, texture, undone, big, volume, marcel wave
Favourite stand; GHD killed it, they had a gothic themed 'house' complete with giant staircase, stage, and GHD clock. Wish I'd taken more pics of their stand.
Best buy; Morocan Oil shine kit, £22.00 for two sample bottles, bottle of shine spray, bottle of oil and carry case
Salon International Gossip; The boys on the X Factor are apparently always messing about with their hair!


  1. Oh that looks like such fun! Love some of the Adam Reed styles.

  2. You lucky thing! The hair bit of the Clothes Show is my absolute favourite, you can't shift me from watching the demos.
    I love the hair on the third set of images. Please come round and do my hair like that, I'll pay you in jewellery. xxx

  3. This looks so much fun, I'm glad you had a great time. I can't wait to hear about the moroccan oil, I've been hearing lots about it! x

  4. i LOVE this, that there's an insider hair blog! x

  5. Haha! Thanks, I'm a hair mole. :)

    Vix, I would do anything (well maybe not anything...who am I kidding anything!)for jewellery you know that. :)

    Thanks lots for the comments lovely ladies, I had a fab time.xx

  6. Oooh thanks for the insiders peek! You little hairdressing geek ;) Haha loves it! I didnt mean to rhyme there... Im not that cool. I will pop a few fake tree roots in the post for you to scare the kids on halloween. Want me to make a few skulls and send them down too? :p xx

  7. Love your blog sooo sooooo much!! Please follow or visit my blog:)

  8. kinda too colourful tough :)

  9. Nice post its very attractive..........


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