Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Salon Surgery - Jen aka A Little Bird

On my previous Salon Surgery I asked for your questions, and Jen was straight in there with her hair SOS! Another question that is asked quite often and another treatment I carry out, taking Blonde haired beautys over to the dark side...
Jen with her 'owl do'
I have a question! I've been blonde my entire life and have a half head of highlights about every 3-6 months. My hair is naturally very light anyway so roots are hardly noticeable. I only really get the colour to add life to my hair as it's also very flat and fine.

I've been considering going dark for a few months now. My natural hair colour is what you'd call 'dirty blonde' and I'd like to go for a chestnutty brown. My question - would this dark colour suit me (you know how pale I am) and how would my hair react after years of bleach highlights? It's in very good condition and always has been as I hardly use any heat on it and condition every day.

So what's my advice to Jen? 
Well first off it's great that she doesn't use any heat on it, one benefit with short hair, this means her hair is more likely to be in great condition, which means if she colours it, not only will the colour last without much fading but it won't damage the hair too much.
Few options before you make the decision would be;
Semi permanent to decide on whether Dark hair is for you, a semi will wash out after about 6-10 washes and is great for trying out different colours (remember they won't lighten the hair though)
Lowlights, the opposite to your current highlighting habit, this will give you an idea of how you'll look and cope with darker hair without the 'full head' you may have this done and realise you want to keep some Blonde. Weaving in some darker Brown colours will give the illusion of more hair and be lower maintanence.

If you've decided that you definitely want to take the plunge and go dark, a few things to avoid a hair colour nightmare....
Make sure that if your stylist needs to that they 'pre pig' the hair, this means adding the pigment back to bleached/coloured hair. This can be done easily with a pre pig solution, or if this isn't available a watered down semi permanent will do the job. Usually in Red it acts as a great base for the Brown and will stop your hair going Green. Which I'm guessing you do not want!!?
Also consider your roots, if you are a Blonde, and go Brown it's like the bottle Blondes you see with glaringly obvious roots. Are you going to be able to maintain this colour and get regular root touch ups?

I think with your colouring Jen, a warm tone would suit you, your fair skin is quite a cool tone so I'd say a Brown with a hint of Red would look lovely. The chestnut colour you describe would be great.Avoid Browns with ash tones as they can look block and make you look washed out.

I love this colour, and the style is pretty close to yours. Perfect!
Have you got a hair emergency? Ask away on Formspring, or leave me a comment - you can email me at klg_hair@hotmail.co.uk if you'd like. 
Do you think Jen should go dark?


  1. Going from blonde to dark is quite a big change but I think it'd really suit Jen's haircut and a reddish brown would be lovely for autumn/winter :) x

  2. Thank you so much for doing this for me, Kel! I feel like I've had a pro consultation with a colour specialist! :)

    I've found the exact cut and colour I want - in this month's InStyle mag, Ginnifer Goodwin is rocking an amazing chestnut brown crop. Very much like Carey's! I'll also be taking a photo of Leighton Meester - her hair colour is stunning.

    Thanks again Kel, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. I'd recommend anyone with a hair question to tell Kel immediately! xx

  3. I'd love to see Jen with dark hair - eek, I'm all excited for her now! Great selection of images to accompany your fab answer :)

  4. My goodness,you are a fountain of wonderful advice.It's so lovely to have a sweetie like you to come and talk to!Jen will look lovely with darker hair!

  5. Jen will definately look great with dark hair. I never looked back after embracing the darker side. xxx

  6. i think she would look lovely :) i am trying to get my hair back towards my natural colour but i am finding it soooo hard!




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