Thursday, 7 October 2010

Let's talk about curls...

I recently got a question on my formspring, well it was more of a request, that I do a post all about curly hair. How to deal with it, best stuff to use, you know the score. So who am I to say no?....

Curls, if you have them you hate them, if you don't you want them. Your hair can't win.

Cutting... A friend of mine has been going to the same stylist for YEARS because she won't trust anyone else cutting her hair. When cutting curly hair you have to make sure you don't hold the hair with too much tension, once cut the hair if curly will spring up shorter than you may have desired. Fringes are quite often a nightmare for curly haired girls, unless you are willing to put in some effort and blow dry/style these.
Curly hair should always be layered to help the hair to settle. If you have hair all the same length that is curly you'll tend to have a flat top with a huge mass of curls at the bottom, not good. Layers throughout (not starting too short, jaw length is fine) will help distribute the curls and they'll be a lot easier to manage and style.

Styling...Use styling products. They can help calm frizz, fight wayward curls and make your hair the envy of others. I would suggest natural products where possible - coconut oil is fantastic for adding shine, and repairing damage. Other ingredients such as panthenol, sweet almond oil, and silk proteins will help control frizz, add shine and enhance manageability so keep an eye out for them. Using a good serum will help moisturise and maintain your curls, giving them a great gloss. Avoid products with alcohol in them.
Never ever use a comb on dry, curly hair. Comb through when wet and conditioned and take your time, hair should be left to dry naturally when possible. If you want to 'straighten' use a paddle brush, wrapping hair in large heated rollers can help mould the curls into a more 'groomed' style for a night out.

Curly girls, think yourselves lucky, curly hair means fewer split ends!...and these celebs show curls are a force to be reckoned with.

 Do you wish for curls? Or are they the bain of your life? 
Any handy hints to pass to the curly girls?


  1. sometimes i wish for curls.. but they do sound like a lot of hard work! id like big frizzy poodle like curls!! (most ppl think im crazy!)xo

  2. lovely post! i've hated my curly hair for 21 years and have come to love it only recently after i realized combs are the worst enemy of curls.

  3. I love curly hair. I'm not blessed with it but I really wish that my hair would keep a curl a bit better. Perhaps I just don't do it right.

  4. I love curly hair, mine's developed a kink as it's got longer but I'd kill for Alex Kingston's beautiful curls. xxx

  5. I requested this on your formspring; thank you so much it was really helpful. I think I might have to try to get my hair cut like that second picture hmmmm....thanks again! xx

  6. Ah I'm so glad you commented, I wondered who it was. Glad it helped. I'll make sure I do more for girls with curls in future. :)

    Thanks for your comments everyone, I love curls, big or small.

  7. I love curly hair, though I am quite glad to have straight hair and have the option to curl it!


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