Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hair History...Cheryl Cole

You requested it, so I've done it. Cheryl Cole, nations sweetheart (how on earth do you get a title like that?!) gorgeous Geordie & complete hottie.
Cheryl has been around since the X Factor was a mere twinkle in Cowell's eye, she started her career as a cute wannabe, excelling in dance, mainly ballet.

Cheyl audtioned for Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, and was chosen along with 4 other girls (Sarah, Nadine, Nicola, and Kimberley) to form Girls Aloud. A star was born, albeit a slightly ungroomed star.

As Girls Aloud grew to become one of the biggest girl bands Cheryl began to evolve into more of an popstar trying out a variety of looks...even cornrows. Not her greatest moment.

In 2006, Cheryl married Ashley Cole and a wag emerged, taking ispiration from Victoria Beckham, extensions were in, along with teeny shorts and sunnies at all times.

Cheryl then went back to the bangs and dark side, this was around 2007. She is lucky as her colouring suits both dark and light, I prefer a slightly lighter look, and think a heavy fringe like this doesn't suit her petite face and features. 
What do you think?
Then came her big chance, X Factor. With X Factor came a new Cheryl, she was hailed a fashion icon (well done her stylists) thousands of girls wanted her hair, clothes and shoes (I do love her shoes) Long glossy with a hint of caramel, Cheryl's hair for the majority was worn down in her first appearance in 2008. Her hair was big, long and perfectly coiffed. An instant hit, magazines were always telling us how to get the 'Cheryl factor'

Throughout her time on X Factor and with Girls Aloud, a number of Cheryl's hair do's have been lusted after, I for one think Chezza looks beautiful with her hair up, here are some of my favourites. Including a recent one endorsing Elnett hairspray which I think is stunning.

I don't think any of us believed for a second that washing with L'Oreal shampoo would give us Cheryl's hair but enough people complained about being decieved so I'd imagine there were an awful lot of disappointed people wanting rid of hair that had 'lost it's mojo'.

 For the latest series Cheryl went short - and for all the five minutes I admired her. 
Her hair looked natural, healthier (even though it was still styled with some extensions) and she showed us you didn't need a huge mane of hair. I loved the shorter style on her, and was disappointed when the extensions came back for the most recent 'judge's house' segments.

And I couldn't forget the bried daliance with Red, the only drastic hair colour change Cheryl has tried for many years. It suited her - proving that once and for all Cheryl Cole would look gorgeous with dredlocks, a buzzcut or a comb over...well maybe not a comb over.

What's your favourite Cheryl Cole look?
Who's up next then? Anyone in particular that you want to see change through the times? 
(Helga & Vix, Souxsie is next, promise!)


  1. I can't bear her. Uck. I didn't like her to start off with but the way they've transformed her into some personality free doll that they expect people to worship makes me feel queasy. I'd rather have someone that looked more interesting and less cloned.

    Sorry, rant over. I quite like the red hair :)

  2. arghh i want her hair so bad hehe! :) xx

  3. I loved her hair best when she ditched the extensions and had a messy shoulder-length bob. Mind you, she's so annoyingly gorgeous she'd look great with anything....grrrr! xxx

  4. Love the short looks and the up-dos! xx

  5. I love her X Factor hair the most :).


  6. I love that side-chignon with the diamante accessory. I'm really into up-dos at the moment and you're right, she really does suit them!

    Hated the cornrows! Error! xx

  7. I think she looks best post x-factor - also when her hair's a bit shorter! I want her hair! x

  8. Haha aww cringe at her younger pictures :P She is really pretty though! I love her hair right now, always admiring her hair and style on the xfactor at the weekend. But yeah, the cornrows are just... wrong! :( xx

  9. I like the 3rd to the last hair!:D

    I am your newest follower!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. I loved her recent shoulder length curly locks!

  11. I liked the shorter look when she got rid of the extensions and I also like it red :)


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