Friday, 29 October 2010

Good morning Angels....

Alright my lovers!! (please say in a west country twang!)

So a little while back I mentioned I'd be invited to the latest gathering of Aussie Angels (a gaggle of Angels if you will) and to get us all excited and inspire us to make sure we turn up with fab hair they are posting a few videos with hair how to's from Aussie ambassador Liz Taw

First up we have a gorgeous curled look complete with cute headband...

And here's my attempt this morning, complete with a few different glitzy bonfire night headbands, 
what do you think? (s'cuse the brows, getting them threaded next week!) 

Will you be taking Aussie inspiration and giving this look a go yourself?

I'll be adding a little voting box on the left hand side so you can vote for your favourite and I'll wear it that night.


  1. Ooh fun look! I like the thin bronzey coloured one - the jewelled one is really nice too but I think maybe a bit thick?

  2. I love hairbands like these. The bronze one looks gorgeous with your haircolour. x

  3. Ooh, are you going to the party on Friday?! I am and I'm very excited! Alas my hair is way too short for this do, but I'm hoping for some great short hairspiration from them soon!

  4. Love them! Hard to pick a favourite but I'm rather partial to the big blngy one, it's sensational! xxx

  5. I love it! my hair is neeearly long enough to do this... if I try it when its too short I just end up looking like little orphan annie :) haha. Hope you had a great time at the event! have a great weekend whatever youre upto girlie, plans for halloween? xx

  6. I'm going to the Bonfire Night party too! I'm crap at doing my hair, though :(



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