Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Getting crafty...

Hello you lushious lot!

Saturday just gone, I set up camp at The Bull in Olney with my crafty wares. This was the second craft event I'd done, I really enjoy them, it's just finding time inbetween hairdressing/work/life.
Here's what you would have been faced with...what a geek. I wish I'd worn my hair up as the weather wasn't great but it's nice to see it's growing and looking a lot thicker. Finally! :)
I had a little helper this time, in the shape of my younger sister Crystal (also my bestest mate - soppy, you betcha!) who has bought/been given quite a bit of my stuff so was an excellent salesperson. She was great at chatting to the visitors, and helped make a few sales. No doubt this will be reflected in her Christmas presents this year to say thanks.

I like having a mixture of accessories on the stall, it's nice for people to have a good browse then. My newest items included rather funky bow rings (one left!) and some beautiful bracelets, complete with Abalone Red setting.

Rings are a passion of mine. I love wearing unusual pretty rings, so tend to make unusual pretty rings. The glass tablet rings are one of a kinds - everyone is different and on an adjustable base so one size really does fit all. :) 
Click on pic to have a closer look

Do you go to craft fayres? Or do you take part selling your creative bits and bobs?
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If any of the bits I've pictured take your fancy then pop a comment below and I can let you know if they are still available.


  1. God, I'm just not creative enough! I buy things from people who are more blessed with crafty skills than I am.

  2. Lovely stuff! I make beaded jewellery, and have had jewellery parties with my friend. I've tried craft fayres, but they always have too many jewellers! xx

  3. Aaaw Kel, this makes me nostalgic for my jewellery making heyday! I adored running pinkplectrum and the craft fairs were my favourite part - chatting to customers and seeing them get excited over their purchases is the best.

    Glad it went so well. I adore the bracelets! x

  4. I'm in awe of your jewellery making skills. I'm far too clumsy to create anything so artistic. I haven't been to a craft fair in ages bvut your lovely smile would definately have tempted me over if I didn't know you. xxx

  5. Just noticed your comment! What a fab idea, Kel. I've got too much ever to wear and I know you've got the same bizarre tastes as me. xxx


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