Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The 'Demi'

Alright you lushious bunch!
Going through a hair mag the other day I came across a page dedicated to the 'demi' not the demi wave, or Demi Moore, but a half up half down style that celebs are going mad for. Also known for many years as the half ponytail. :)

It gives a relaxed look for the day adding a little something to simply down.

Here's a basic how to...
  • Start with hair that's a day old, if you can't stand dirty hair give it a blast of dry shampoo to add texture.
  • Section hair by taking your thumbs and dragging them back in line with the top of your ear to the back of the head
  • Split this section into two, clipping the part nearest your forehead out the way. 
  • Gently tease and backcomb the other section mainly around the crown to give volume, then smooth slightly, adding the hair from the other section over the top to hide the backcombing. Loosely pin with a few grips.
  • Hide the grips with a cute pin or hair accessory - or leave exposed for a 'don't really care' look. Pull some tendrils to frame the face.
  • Ta-da! Done. 
Can we get a whoop for the length!?
Sorry for the quality of pics, they were snapped literally as I was running out the door to work. Must try harder. :)
    An easy to achieve do that suits all face shapes. 
    Will you be giving this a go? Or is it up do or no do for you?


      1. WEll it certainly looks fabulous on you! Your hair is looking so long and luciously healthy.
        My attempts at this are a little woeful, maybe my hair's too long to get it right? xxx

      2. this is such a cute look on you! half up half down do's always look really odd on me for some reason :/

      3. Ooh hasn't your hair got long all of a sudden? Well done on fighting the urge to chop it all off.

        I think my hair is a bit too long for this as well - just looks straggly and messy when I try it!

      4. A "demi" is it?! Tee hee!! I've been doing a version of it on & off for a while,but mostly like all my hair up,as it's very fine.Your hair is looking pretty damned fab!!Love those streaks.

      5. Thanks lovely ladies! :)
        It's had a little growth spurt I think (about time!)
        Really long hair still looks good with this style I think, it's perhaps worth wearing it in loose curls if possible - mine looks messy, that's the charm. :)

        Helga, that's what the cool kids are calling it ;)


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