Monday, 25 October 2010

Aussie warm the cockles of your heart!

After some emails and a telephone call I finally made DHL give me my lovely surprise from Aussie. I'd been teased with blog posts from other angels and really wanted to get my hands on the goods! :)

And what a beauty of a package it was, nestled inbetween it all was an invite to a very special event which I will tell you all about. Very exciting and can't wait to meet up with some of the gorgeous angels for what promises to be a fab night!

All the essentials needed for a warm and snuggly night. First up the new Aussie range, Take The Heat leave in spray & cream to beautify your locks safely before heading out, beautiful faux fur muff, to keep you cosy whilst tottering off for a night out with the girls, then slippers and hot choc to finish the evening with a good ole gossip....along with a kebab if you are me (oh the shame)

Thanks Aussie lovely people! Much appreciated, and can't wait for the event. See you some of you ladies then....
What are your winter warming essentials? Have you had any exciting packages this week? (ooer)


  1. Oh I really like the thought that's gone into that package (snerk - package and muff in one post).

    Sorry, mind out of the gutter now. Hope you have much fun using it all and I can't wait to hear about the special event.

  2. You lucky thing! A muff's the next thing on my things to make list, perfect with a cape.
    Can't wait to read about the event. xxx

  3. Haha! Alex, believe me it was hard work not to snigger at muff. What a child eh.
    Vix, sure it'll look amazing on you, can't wait to see it. The button collar was fab!xx

  4. thats so cute :) i love that take the heat spray - aussie is a complete god send :)


  5. Ohhh, very nice! :) is it wrong that I straighten my hair every day and dont use any heat defency stuff? Looking forward to seeing how you get on at your next aussie event missus! I think i'm going to go make a hot chocolate right now :) xx

  6. I would love to cuddle up with that wheat and lavender heat cushion right now!


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