Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Worship with your Aussie Style Bible...

Good morning lovely people...

Look what popped through my letterbox (ooer) at the weekend...

Excited I ripped open the packaging and started leafing through the 'style bible' which is a collection of hints and tips from bloggers who were lucky enough to attend the Aussie events recently held. From the quest of volume to colour care this little beauty is packed full of tips to give you Aussome hair. :)

I went to the colour mate party in London as an honourary Angel, and had a great time meeting the Aussie gang and fellow bloggers (all of which are beautiful...must be something in the blogging water!) Whilst there I put in a few tips I use to try and help my hair, and was thrilled to see they'd made the cut. Even got a full page spread...hehe

Some of my fave tips are;
To help keep curls in place overnight, tuck them into a pair of knickers before you go to sleep (you may need two pairs to cover the leg holes) - Amy (http://fordgredial.com

Spray a bit of hairspray on to your fingers and rub it into your hairline for a bit of lift - Harriet (http://whereisharriet.blogspot.com)
Take sea kelp vitamins to restore thickness and shine in the limpest of hair - Phoebe (http://peluxe100.blogspot.com)

And just before I go (a massive heap of paperwork piling up...boo) I just thought I'd let you all know that Aussie must have wanted me back as I've been invited to be an Angel! I am so happy and will be keeping you up to date with all the going on's of being an Aussie Angel. Big thanks to Aussie for the opportunity.

So what would you have wrote as your tip?


  1. That book looks fab! I'm really lazy with my hair most of the time so the only hair tip I have is to use dry shampoo to get rid of grease and give lots of volume :) x

  2. This book looks fab! Congrats on being an Aussie Angel hun, look forward to hearing all about it! xxx

  3. congrats on being an angel! cant wait to hear more about what this will involve! love these tips by the way! :) x

  4. oooh lucky you! :) ... am a new follower to your gorgeous blog, and love it - it's been very handy to read your wee hints too lady!

    enter my giveaway to win a new BaByliss Root Boost!

  5. Congratulations, you little angel. That book looks a great read. Knickers on your head? Mmmm, can see that being a bit of a passion-killer! xxx

  6. Aww congrats! Thats awesome :) and that book looks amazing, well done for making a full page spread! :D Perhaps its cause you rock? Wheeey! xx

  7. Congrats! how exciting! I'm not sure what this Aussie is, all the UK blogs I follow blog about it too. Are they actually Aussies? :)

  8. Thanks ladies, very happy about getting my wings. :)

    Pip, Aussie is a haircare brand, really nice shampoos, conditioners, very popular over here. Not meet an Aussie one though. :)

    Ayden, wheeeeey, well in, wheeeeey! :)


  9. Yay, congratulations on becoming a angel xx

  10. Looks like an amazing book! Congratulations on becoming an angel!


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