Friday, 3 September 2010

What's in a name...

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...

I've read a few articles lately all about salon names, and the question does the name of the salon really affect the business?

I really think the name makes a huge difference along with the interior (and also exterior!) First appearances count for a lot in the hairdressing world.

I mean would you want to pop into these places for a cut and blowdry?

Do you think you'd be troubled with staff strikes halfway through a cut?
Doesn't feel you with confidence does it?
 Or how about getting your hair done in this lovely establishment?...

Dread to think what's in the shampoo...

And my personal favourite (and I think a few others!) Curl Up & Dye. Genius. I salute you shopowner.

The holy grail of salon names
If I had my own salon (excuse me whilst I go into dream world - money is no object) it would be spacious, with differently designed stations. The walls would be white, but with local artists work (or mine) on them. The basin would have relaxing mood changing coloured lights, and there'd be a little coffee area where people could have a coffee and watch other clients get there hair done. Consultations would be done in a seperate room, using a computer to try out different styles. There'd be a designated kids area for cutting their hair, which would be colourful and bright. I'd call it KLG (my initials) and the exterior would be simple, with clear windows and the salon name would be in frosted glass on the doors and the sign would be clean and using different lighting. Not that I've thought about it at all....

Have you got any funny shop names near you? and does the look and name of a salon make up your mind?

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  1. Brilliant! I love bizarre shop names. We spotted a "Harry Potter Gym" when we were in Tamil Nadu, surely wearing a cape on a running machine would be dangerous? xxx

  2. hahaha these are hilarious!! would never try any of these!! are the run and named by men? what women would name her shop curl up and dye!! there is a barber shop near me called blood and bandages! how crazy?? x

  3. This all sounds amazing :)
    I hope you achieve your dream!
    I would come along :)
    I think its not just the name of the place, but also the outside...because it may be nice inside but its got to look nice to bring you in!!!
    Lovely post :)
    Did you get the Aussie email? xxxx

  4. Fingers crossed you get your dream salon :) Those shops look like they would produce a haircut that nightmares are made of, certainly not dreams!!

  5. We've got a salon called 'Hairport' just around the corner. I'd definitely go to 'Curl up & dye' but I think I'd stay well away from 'Piss Salon' & 'Hairkiller'.


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