Monday, 13 September 2010

What I wear...

Just a little random post thrown in for you lovely lot, I know you all love clothes, and I follow a whole heap of blogs just to check out what they're wearing so I thought why not have a go...

I have no set uniform or rules when dressing for work, so it's my style and my choice (heaven!) Most of the time I dress for comfort mainly, but I always like to look nice. Now grunge is apparently 'bang on trend' (anyone else hate this saying?!) I fit right in. I've loved maxi skirts and grungey prints, along with big bad boots for years. Messy hair, lotsa jewellery and a big 'ole slouchy bag is me down to a tee.

So here's a little collection of what I've been wearing this week, hair, make up, accessories etc. Depending on my mood (and time) I'll really go for it or not really bother. It's always the day I don't bother I end up bumping into someone I know, don't you just hate that!!

If there's anything you'd like to know, where I got something from, how I did my hair, why I look a dork in most of the pics...let me know. :)


  1. Oooft very nice! :) You should do this more often missus! Those boots are the rocket dog ones, right? I love them! You look lovely :) xx

  2. You don't look like a dork at all! I love the grey maxi skirt and that fab raspberry scarf. So nice to see a hairdresser wearing something other than black as well!

  3. Dork? Whose eyes have you borrowed this morning? That's not what I'm seeing.
    Love this post, I think our tastes are very similiar - big jewellery, messy hair, chunky shoes and long skirts especially. Love the rock pose in the pink scarf. xxx

  4. Great outfits! I love those feather earrings :)

  5. Good looks! I like the grunge look as well! x

  6. I love teh single braid in your hair :)


  7. Great outfits! I love the maxi skirt and the plaited hair looks fab.
    Would love to see more posts like this :) x

  8. Love that maxi skirt, and it's even more perfect with the chunky boots. Love your hair too - so shiny! x

  9. you look cute in all the looks! and those Jessica Simpsons platforms are pretty comfortable so far, i haven't walked miles in them yet, but i have high hope LOL

  10. So nice to see an outfit post! I love all of them, especially that maxi skirt and those amazing lace up heels!


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