Friday, 17 September 2010

This is what I do...

Hey lovely people!

You all know that I hairdress, and whilst cutting and colouring is my bread and butter, creating pretty up do's and curls for beautiful clients is becoming more and more popular. With people going to weddings and parties, or just wanting to look great for a special girls night out - I'm getting called with hair requests pretty often.
And I love it. I love working through ideas and helping give someone a little confidence boost, when your hair looks great you feel great - am I right?!
Plaits and curls are major news at the moment, everyone wants them, along with an up do that's not too polished to avoid a "try hard" look...

And I'm sure with Christmas approaching I'll be coiffering and pinning away creating many more.....
Do you wear your hair differently when you are going out? Have you got your hair done by your hairdresser for a wedding - or do you go it alone?


  1. Oh I love the one you've done for Kristie. I don't tend to bother much with up-dos. Think I'm just not very adventurous!

  2. Lovely updos! Liking Tasha's especially. Errrm...but where is the picture of your new fringe? We are waiting ;) x

  3. I love them all, Kel. I wish you'd do mine.
    I'd not very adventurous with night-time hair, maybe a Bump-it or a more sideswept parting.
    I'm supposed to be doing a hair challenge with some other bloggers this week so look out for new styles. xxx

  4. I have to be adventurous with my up-dos because when I am doing treatments my hair has always got to be up! I think they all look really pretty :) x

  5. I love hair up's :) my step mum and my dad are getting married in feb and Im all excited over her dress and makeup and hair :) big decisions eh! thanks for the lovely comment about my hair, glad you approve! :) have a great weekend my dear. xx

    ps. Im glad you love the mac blush!! and I know that lippie is crazy pink haha, a wee bit of gloss over the top should tone it down :p bet you suit it tho! xx

  6. These are so pretty! Tasha looks like a princess with her gorgeous, fairytale tresses! xxx

  7. Love that updo you did for Kirstie! So pretty!


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