Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday Snip #7

I've been a seriously busy bunny this week, sorry for the lack of postings, I have so many saved in my drafts it's untrue and a whole notebook page filled with ideas! A big fat hello to the new followers I've picked up - lovely to have you around.

Did you know?...
The first known school for hairdressing was born in 1890 in Chicago, USA

Handy hint!...
After blow drying your hair don't brush if you are putting up into a messy do. This will add texture and give a more undone look. Use your fingers to 'rake' through the hair to bring into the style.

How did they do it?...
In Victorian times, curly hair apparently indicated a sweet temperament, whilst straight haired girls were thought of as reserved or even awkward! And due to this most womens hair resembled a wool-like texture through the over use of hot irons...shoulda got some heat protection Victorian lovelys. :)

Hair product of the week...
I've seen this on nearly EVERY blog I read recently. Liz Earle has realised the much anticipated haircare range, one shampoo for all hair types, followed up by three different types of conditioner.
The packaging is beautiful, and I will definitely be looking to get this - a 200ml tube costs £7.50, and the conditioner is also £7.50 for 200ml. You can get a 50ml size for £4.00, that's a shampoo or conditioner.
Has anyone got this range? What's it like? Would you like to send me some?

Celeb Hair of the week...
Victoria Beckham, Posh, she of the grumpy mush (I love her really!) has got her extensions back....and for the love of me I can't understand why.
I LOVED the shaggy, sexy bob she was working a few months back. It was effortless and really suited her.
How do you prefer VB? Long or short?

What's making your Sunday Snip this week?...


  1. I like VB with short hair. Well I don't like her as such, but that's the one I prefer! I don't actually like LE that much, did nothing for my skin when tried it few years back - although skin has changed since then with ageing so should prob give it a try. If I see the LE hair stuff on offer I would try it, but I probably wouldn't buy it full price! x

  2. More great factoids, Kel! Wool hair...nice!
    Posh's hair looks wrong. I much prefer her with short hair, the long locks are too hippy and at odd with her polished appearance.
    I tried LE's facial stuff a while ago, it was okay but not amazing and I got fed up to the back teeth with the constant barrage of emails from the company. xxx

  3. I think she suits it much better shorter - she's so tiny that it drowns her a bit when it's long.

    How interesting about the Victorian hair thing. I'd definitely have been classed as awkward!

  4. I loved the short, tousled bob she was rocking earlier this year and even considered it myself! I don't think her style suits long hair anymore x x

  5. Much prefer VB with shorter hair, really suits her! Great blow drying hint!


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