Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday Snip #6

Morning you lovely people! This week (and weekend!) has flown by thanks to the bank hols, and I have had a weekend of pretty up do's, blogging and eating curry under my we go with another Sunday Snip!

Did you know?...
Xie Qiuping, holds the record for the longest hair ever recorded. On May 8th, 2004 it measured a staggering 5.627 metres!! She started growing her hair in 1973 aged 13. Imagine the shampoo she goes through!

Handy hint!...
Always getting make up all over your fringe? Well next time try pinning your fringe the opposite way it lies, doing your make up and then unclipping. Because you've pinned it on the opposite side you won't loose any volume or end up with a fringe stuck to your face! Marvellous!

How did they do it?
Classical Greece women often worn their hair long and pulled into a chignon. Hair was often adorned with jewels and flowers, and occasionally sprinkled with gold powder! Henna was used to dye hair Red which was a popular hair colour choice.

Hair product of the week...
Patene Aqua Light Nourishing Conditioner. I reviewed this here, and I've been using it once a fortnight to give my hair it's swish. It's brilliant stuff, and for those out there who aren't keen on Patene (I was one!) I have been converted with this range. It leaves your hair soft, manageable and it really does make you want to swish it. (I annoyed the dog with swishing my hair in his face this morning!)

Celeb Hair of the week...
I really thought Anne Hathaway had done an Emma Watson on us and gone for the chop when I saw these pictures earlier in the week!
But long hair fans, breath a sign of relief, it's a wig! I'm quite glad it is, I prefer Anne with long hair, although she has the face shape and bone structure to carry short hair off.

Hope you all have fantastic Sundays, if you are a new follower say hello! I'd love to hear from you...


  1. Fab post! I can't believe how long that lady's hair is! Amazing! xxx

  2. Isn't that long hair amazing? Stunning photograph.
    Glad Anne Hathaway hasn't had the chop, she's beautiful. xxx

  3. Oooh been meaning to try that new pantene. I'm not keen on the normal stuff because it coats your hair so much :)

    And woah! 5 metres! Thats nuts. x

  4. I wonder what my hairdresser would say to Xie, she gave *me* intro trouble for having hair down to my hips!
    My niece likes that Pantene stuff. She's only 3 and calls it the 'swishy shampoo' and will swish her hair all day once it's washed!

  5. That womans hair is so long! Bet she can't wear it down, she would trip over it! I think I need to invest in swising shampoo!

  6. I can't imagine my hair being that long!! crazy length!
    Bet she'd give herself neck ache swishing that lot!

  7. Just checking! My comment stayed put on your blog! Hurrah. I was starting toget paranoid thinking I was annoying everyone and they were deleting me. xxx
    PS Yes! A meet-up would be splendid, make Andy come to next years' Glasto. Tickets go o sale on 3rd October.

  8. WOAH! That is some long freakin hair!

  9. I can see you!!! Like I'd delete you...ever!!

    We need a camper by next June then, otherwise Andy won't go. He wants comfort, I might see if I can hire one. Leave it with me, I'd need to get some glam eyelashes to compete with you also. :)


  10. Fab post :)
    That lady's hair is crazy long!
    I still need to try out the Pantene Aqua Light range - I've heard so many good reviews of it. x


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