Sunday, 19 September 2010

Scissor Happy Fringe Time!

Good morning lovely people!

I got slightly bored the other day and thought about changing my hair up...
So a fringe it was.
Now I've had many a fringe, sweeping, side, full, thick, wispy, get the picture, but I've never cut it myself. Not sure why, I can cut fringes so it's a bit silly really.

Pictures below are from the other day, I went a little 60's and did a beehive, half up half down, what the mags are calling a "demi" (more on that style in another post!)

Didn't edit this, so you can see it properly.

 But I quite like this fringe, what do you think?!

I need a trim on the rest soon, it's slowly but surely getting below my shoulders. I'm so happy about this as my growing process has taken it's sweet time! Lots of my friends have overtaken me in the growing stakes.
(please excuse the 'arty' posey pictures, using picnik to edit. Wonderful tool! and my features seem to look rather pointy due to the camera angle..)

Have you got scissor happy lately (with the help of a hairdresser if needs be) 
or do you like your style and you're sticking to it?


  1. i always cut my own fringe, naughty, im waiting for my full fringe to grow out right about now and that is taking forever! xxx

  2. aww I love it kel! :) you look gorgeous, really suits you. man I wish my hair was as long as yours, I just know I'll never be patient enough to let it grow super long! :( xx

  3. wow, id love to be able to cut my own hair! :L xxx

  4. Wow! You look absolutely wonderful, I love the fringe on you, Kel. xxx

  5. Thanks ladies! :)

    p.s Winny that is naughty!

  6. I'm so jealous of your hair color, it's perfect! and your fringe is gorg :)

  7. your hair looks wonderful at the minute :D And an amazing colour too! x

  8. Love this look on you! The demi is surely a keeper? Pretty.

    I had mine all chopped off again yesterday. I feel like a new person! x

  9. Im jealous of your scissor skills missy!
    Im SO petrified to cut my own hair!!
    Anywayssss, i also love the textured blouse in my post, but i really want to start being more eccentric with my dress sense and wear more bright colours (hence why i added the bottom two blouses). But the reason im telling you this is because, i kinda want a restyle and was wondering what you think should happen with my hair?? :/ its quite thin!!

  10. Love the fringe, really suits you!!


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