Monday, 27 September 2010

Salon Surgery

Struggling with a haircare SOS?...come on in the doors are open to the Salon Surgery.

I love getting questions on my formspring, and trying to answer them the best I can. I'm not saying I will cure all ailments and woes, but I'll give it a good go!! :)

The gorgeous May emailed me a while back asking for some advice on colouring her hair, and it's a question I get quite a lot...

My hair's been highlighted relentlessly every 6 weeks for the last 5 years, I decided it was just becoming TOO blonde all over so my hairdresser advised me that using semi-permanant colours on my hair would make it more healthy and I'd be able to tone the colour down so I started doing it myself with a really dark blonde semi-permenant, Ganier Herbashine. 
However I want to get back to a lighter blonde but I love the way the semi-permanant hair colour is a lot nicer to my hair, I've bought a ligther blonde semi permanent colour - will this be ok to use? What would you recommend to help me achieve the blonde, but look after my hair and avoid me overcolouring?

The thing is with semi permanents, they won't lighten hair, they can colour hair darker, or a similiar shade but the really blonde look you want back won't be achieved.
I know you love the idea of semi permanent, so it might be worth having a few highlights in a lighter blonde (maybe use L'Oreal majimeche or a high lift tint rather than bleaches and get a couple of different tones to break up the blonde and mix in)
If this isn't for you, you could try using a silver/purple shampoo (ebay usually do them for a decent price) or a toner to try and brighten the existing colour you've got.
If you do have two colours when highlighting, make sure they aren't too different from your natural hair colour (a couple of shades higher and lower usually works well) then it'll blend any roots that come through so you can leave it longer between colouring and give your hair a break.
I know from experience a lot of people find the mid lengths and ends get blonder and blonder. You could ask them to colour only the root growth and sweep the colour through 5/10 mins before it's processed just to freshen the colour. Otherwise your mid lengths and ends are just getting more and more colour piled on them - especially with bleach, and bleach should never be taken to the ends of the hair if there is existing bleach there.

With highlights the more you get the more the colour will blur, giving you an all over colour rather than the randomly placed natural looking highlights you wanted in the first place.

May took my advice, and popped off to her hairdressers and was a happy bunny to end up with this....

Gorgeous don't we think?
If you've got a hair emergency and need some help - ask away, I'll try tackling any problem, big or small....


  1. Thanks for featuring me on your blog hun! I really appreciate your fab advice and I'm so happy with my hair now! xxx

  2. I may be sending a question your way soon - am getting thoroughly bored of my hair at the moment but am scared of going to the hairdressers...

    May looks gorgeous! Love the different colours and shades through her hair.

  3. May does look lovely and her hair is a gorgeous shade. Well done for helping her. xxx

  4. I have a question! I've been blonde my entire life and have a half head of highlights about every 3-6 months. My hair is naturally very light anyway so roots are hardly noticeable. I only really get the colour to add life to my hair as it's also very flat and fine.

    I've been considering going dark for a few months now. My natural hair colour is what you'd call 'dirty blonde' and I'd like to go for a chestnutty brown. My question - would this dark colour suit me (you know how pale I am) and how would my hair react after years of bleach highlights? It's in very good condition and always has been as I hardly use any heat on it and condition every day.

    Would love your advice, my talented friend! xx

  5. Jen you are next my dear!! :)


  6. Mays hair looks fab! Love the salon surgery!


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