Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Pantene: Know Your Hair Test

Whilst having a nose through some of my hair website favourites the other day I noticed Pantene offering a 'hair evaluation' (brought to us by Netdoctor) What's that all about I thought, so away I clicked...

Answer 13 questions (all multiple choice) and wait for the hair doctor to give you a detailed answer, packed full of styling tips, recommendations and handy hints for you to follow.

Some snippets from my 'evaluation' are that I'm most suited to a bob style cut (I'm trying to grow it Patene, don't you know! hehe) I do however love a Meg Ryan shag style do;

Bob-length is a classic style - and for good reason. It suits virtually all hair types and, with a tweak of the length, suits all face shapes and all ages too. You can get creative with layers - subtle layering can shape the ends to give a rounded look or make the ends kick out, or more dramatic layers will give your bob a different look altogether with a long, heavy fringe or a modern Meg Ryan shag.

And some great advice on my general health and how it affects my bonce...

Your hair isn't simply a beauty accessory, it's a reflection of what's going on inside your body and the way you live life. Not surprisingly, all the advice for general good health applies to good hair too - drinking lots of water, eating a healthy, balanced diet (more on that in a moment), and trying to de-stress. Being dehydrated - either from lack of water or the effects of alcohol - will leave your hair dry and brittle.
Eating wholegrains, quality protein (including eggs, chicken and fish), colourful fruits and vegetables and essential fatty acids all help hair growth and healthy hair. Nutrients needed for healthy hair include B complex, betacarotene, magnesium, silica and zinc, as well as the essential fatty acids found in foods such as flaxseeds and oily fish. Be patient - it will take about two months to see the difference this will make.
The sun, gym and swimming, while great for your health, aren't so beneficial for your hair. At the gym, use a gentle shampoo formulated for frequent use if you have to wash your hair at each visit. If you're a swimmer, pack a mild shampoo and intensive conditioner in your wash bag and combat the drying effects of chlorine with gentle cleansing and rich moisturising. Do the same with sun-blasted hair.
Try a stress-busting shoulder, neck&scalp massage to free up tension held in your scalp. You really don't need to do anything fancy other than massage wherever feels in need. Stress can also change the scalp's oil balance, so you might discover dandruff if you have a particularly stressful time.
The bottom line is to bear in mind that any lifestyle habits that affect your health will most likely affect your hair too.

Pantene are on twitter, so you can follow them by clicking here, and try out the questionnaire, see what advice you get - good on Pantene for trying to help us all get "swissshable hair"

Do you think you'll be giving this a go? And if you have tried it, how helpful did you find the advice?


  1. I've just had a go at that questionnaire, Kel. Blimey, talk about preconceived ideas, just cos I'm in my 40's they assumed I was worried about grey hair and was a busy mum. Your results were much better. xxx

  2. Like, I said on twitter, I'm going to do this! I'm quite interested to see the results. Not really a fan of pantene though. My 3yo neice loves it... lol xx

  3. HAHA! Vix how dare you not fit into the 40 year old stereotype. :)

    I thought it was good as it didn't push Pantene products on you, just gave some good diet advice, and hair tips.


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