Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Times Gone By...20's

So todays hair era is *drum roll* the 20's. A time of the flapper, jazz music and Coco Chanel...

How was the hair worn?

Hair was kept simple, the bob was the most popular style worn. The style was quite cropped and masculine in line with wearing hats, which was extremely popular in the 20's
This shocked the older generation, many not following the trend. Younger women embraced the style and found it a refreshing change. Hair was shingled (hair tapered into a v shape on the neck, and worn in waves or curls) Bobbed, then cut into the Eton Crop.
Women were shunned by their husbands, told they'd get 'shingle headaches' and mothers declared they didn't know the difference between their boys and girls anymore.
Hair was often adorned with feathers, turbans, glittering headbands and barrettes for the evening.

Who did it then?

The wonderful Coco Chanel, Clara Bow, Louise Brooks and Josephine Baker (who wore a fashion forward Eton Crop)
These ladies made it the height of fashion to have short hair. Long hair no longer defined a woman. I really think this is when we started incorporating fashion into our hair, and we started really thinking about fashion as a whole.
Amazing to think women rushed to copy this style, but were turned away from hairdressers and ended up in their local barbers to get the snip.

Who's doing it now?

We had Gwen rocking the lock in No Doubt,and Nicole Ritchie is a huge fan of the jewelled headbands worn low on the forehead.  Charlize Theron also looked amazing with her 20's inspired bob. I also think Christina Applegate looks fantastic with her bob.

The 20's are a huge inspiration on today's hair styling. As with fashion, many ideas and trends rotate and are incoporated into today's styles.

Did you know?
Bobbed hair made the way for the much used and loved 'bobbie pin'

What do you guys think? Could you see yourself as a 20's flapper?
Long beads, rolled stocking and scallop dress?
And what era would you like to see next?
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  1. Loving this post hun, I love Gwen's look! I never knew hairdressers wouldn't give women this 'do back in the day! xxx

  2. What a fabulous post, Kel,love the facts.
    As Flapper fashion was the first fashion trend to be adopted by the masses it's not surprising that the ladies of the day copied the hairstyles, too.
    I was quite amazed how my flapper-style post looked and quite liked the look of me with a bob.
    I'd like to challenge you to blogging ten days of Twentieth Century hair.
    Jen at nailpolishUK is doing a series on the cosmetics of the era this week which is fascinating. Vix xxx

  3. Aw I like posts like this! Great facts! God I am in love with the iconic look of the 1920's! Love the Flapper girl bobbed hairstyle and the embellished hairband!
    gorgeous xx

  4. I really wish that I could pull off those glittery hairbands youve spoken about :)
    I love them so much and ive always thought that nicole richie's boho look was by far the best :)

  5. Love the 20s look! I want a cloche hat! x

  6. Lovely comments, thanks girls! :)
    Milly & Pippa, I challenge you to don a glittery headband! Sure you'd both look fab.

    BBB - Vix will make you jealous then, she sported one on her blog recently!

    Vix, I'm taking up your challenge. Ten days of Twentieth Century Hair coming up. Hope you enjoy.


  7. I LOVE 20s hair. Think it's my favourite ever! That flapper style with a jewelled headband over finger waves just looks so pretty and ladylike. xx


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