Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday 'Snip'

It's Sunday, you're relaxing, kicking back after a hectic weekend or being a geek like me and researching stuff...fancy reading some hair trivia? Course you do! Read on you lovely bunch - welcome to Sunday 'Snip' a regular feature about hair - facts, trivia and news.

Did you know?...
That  when your hair is wet it can increase in length by up to a whopping 30%, yet it still returns to it's normal length once dried.

Handy hint!...
Got some stray/flyaway hairs that are just ruining your sleek locks or fancy up do? Use a toothbrush (old!) and spray with hairspray to tame the hairs.

How did they do it?
The ancient Egyptians used a formula of juniper berry juice to darken the hair, to keep the grey hairs at bay. The also strangely used lettuce to combat bald spots and promote hair growth!

Hair product of the week...
Beautiful packaging, amazing product, and all for 99p? Yes please! Natural Collections Hi-Shine Conditioner is just what your hair needs after a hard week working (and hopefully playing!!) 3-5 minutes on damp hair gives great shine and this wonder sachet contains mango and papaya so smells fantastic.

Celeb Hair of the week...

I am absoloutely loving Whitney Port's hair at the moment. The colour is divine and the styling always looks perfect. How fab does she look with her hair swept to the side?

See not to taxing on the grey matter and some facts to wow people with, or even win the local pub quiz with! Have a great Sunday you gorgeous lot, and if you haven't already, please enter my giveaway here.


  1. LOVE Whitney's do. She does look amazing, and the colour is just gorgeous. What a great post! x

  2. Love your tips, Kel! Wonder if lettuce will work on Jon's bonce.
    Dunno who Whitney Port is but love her hair. xxx

  3. Lettuce is the last thing G needs!!He's blesses with a fine head of hair,just a bit rough!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my post i have been reading your fishtail plaits and am going to give it a go. I would love to see a video x

  5. Fab tips Kel. Such an interesting mix of things to read about :)

    Love the new layout by the way!

  6. ha! i just did that last week!

  7. Great post, I love Whitneys hair, it looks so natural and healthy!

  8. great!!!


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