Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday Snip #4

I can't believe how well Sunday Snip is doing, thanks everyone for the comments you leave. I'm glad the little facts and ramblings go down well.

Did you know?...
Blonde's have more hair than Brunettes or Redheads. A Blonde can have up to 147,000 strands on their head, whereas Brunettes are left behind with around 110,000 strands and Redheads with around 90,000. Strange eh?!

Handy hint!...
Dry shampoo isn't just for greasy hair. If you want to create a messy up do, spray your hair with this beforehand. The texture of the spray helps the pins and slides grip and gives a softer look than hairspraying.

How did they do it?
18th Century hair was big, I'm talking really big. Women often styled huge, creative up do's with horsehair padding or wire caging. Imagine carrying that weight about on your head!! Some women even went as far as creating mini bird cages on their head and having real birds inside!!

Hair product of the week...

 Not so much a product, but an accessory. I've been wearing my peacock feather clip to death. I'm not on the sale here people, I've just been clipping it into my up do's and curly down do's. I think feathers are still going to be huge in accessories this season and the shops seem to be stocking back up on Autumn colours and feathers and jewels to dress your hair.

Celeb Hair of the week...
There is only one lady worth talking about this week. Drew Barrymore. I love her. Just look at her, she's rocking the baliage/balayage hair (post coming on that soon) and I love the little random plaits in her hair. Great grungy look for the Red carpet. I really want this in my hair. Just got to find a salon willing and able - any out there fancy doing it for free?

Happy Sunday you lovely lot, let me know what your best 'snippet' of the week is...


  1. Looking forward to your post on baliage/balayage hair, I'm so interested in it! Loved those pics of Drew this week! xxx

  2. Wow Drew Barrymore's hair looks really lush here! Good post! x

  3. Drew is my number one all time ultimate girl crush. Man, that chick is SEXY! And her hair is awesome. xx

  4. Drew's hair looks gorgeous - so effortless! I love those peacock feather hairclips, too :) x

  5. Horsehair padding and cages? I reckon Helga should concoct her own to make massive hair.
    Love your sunday factoids, Kel. Not keen on Drew's hair, most of the dodgy locals in my town have been sporting this look for years. xxx

  6. Drew totally rocks!
    You and Vix are onto it with the horsehair and cage idea.Hmmmmmmm.

  7. I officially love Drew. Always have, always will.

    I've just been reading about 18th century hair - geeky, moi? I knew they got ridiculously large and elaborate but I didn't realise quite how gross it was - apparantly one woman discovered a family of mice living in her hair!!

  8. I love your little facts! I dont think I could do bird cages in my hair, wonder how long before Gaga gives it a go?!


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