Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday Snip #3

I've been wiped out for most of the week with a HORRIBLE cold - luckily it cleared up in time to greet my mum and sister for the weekend (more on that adventure in another post) so here's my roundabout of hairy goings on and hints and tips for you.

Did you know?...
Even on a good hair day with the healthiest of hair, we will lose between 40-100 strands of hair! Yikes!
Handy hint!...
Give your hair a pamper this evening by applying a mask of mashed strawberry, mashed banana and olive oil. The fruit gives your hair a great smell and the olive oil helps give hair shine and repair if damaged. Add mixture to hair (wrap in a towel or shower cap and rinse) Use a little shampoo before adding water when rinsing to ensure you remove the oil properly.

How did they do it?
The Tudor's saw a large, high forehead as a sign of beauty, and women often plucked the hair from their hairline to create this look. Ouch!

Hair product of the week...
Aussie leave in conditioner. I love the stuff. And so does my sister. She suffers from greasy hair and struggles to keep in conditioned so this is perfect for the ends and mid lengths and light enough for her to use. It smells fantastic and a bottle lasts ages.

Celeb Hair of the week...
Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays. She rocks the short hair - she put the extensions in a while back but now I think she's realised that short hair really works for hair.
I love the colour, the cut and the styling in this picture. It's still a really feminine look without masses of hair.

Happy Sunday you lovely lot, let me know what your best 'snippet' of the week is...


  1. Love the factoids and handy hints, Kel! I'm franctically thinking of an alternative to bananas and strawberries to do the mask later, I haven't been shopping and the cupboard is woefully bare!
    Hope you're feeling better! xxx

  2. YAY I'm glad you commented :)
    I finally get to see your lovely blog!!
    Good choice with Frankie's hairstyle!!
    I love her look so much :)
    Better then the SClub8 days :P
    How have you been?? xxx

  3. Wow great facts! May have to try the leave in conditioner! I've started using Aussie volume stuff and it's really good so may have to keep on investing! Lovely blog, new follower! Millie xxx

  4. Kel I love these posts! So fun and interesting! x

  5. Hey girlie :) thank you for the lovely comment you left! Im glad to be back :) I ran out of my tigi shampoo when I came back from hols so I got some aussie from asda the other night, I loves it! Il need to try the leave in conditioner. I absolutely love frankies hair, thats the look I tried to go for with mines :) haha but failed miserably! thanks for the smashing facts as always xx

  6. ps. glad you liked your postcard! :D xx

  7. Wow,that chick is hot!!
    I knew that about the Tudors!!!
    I lose bucketfuls of hair when I don't bruch or wash it for a week!!!Naughty!
    x as always,a pleasure!

  8. Am glad to hear that hair falling out is normal, i seem to leave a trail of mine behind me!

  9. i have oily hair.I love the colour, the cut and the styling in this picture. But It's how can still a really feminine look without masses of hair.


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