Thursday, 12 August 2010

A night of Aussie, Cocktails, Giggles and Gaga...oh and Beyonce...

I really struggled with that title, I want to put the whole story and everything that went on! :)

So Saturday 7th August, the place The Kingly Club, a group of bloggers meet up to indulge in some amazing cocktails, and to gossip about how to get the best from your coloured hair.

Rach, me and Annie ready to party.
 Emma, Lisa and Katy were on hand to give us a warm welcome, and Amber & Zara curled, plaited and styled our hair along with a fab fishtail tutorial on Ling.

Ready for our demo...
 I took my friends Annie, and Rach, who both had a great time. Rach tried out an on trend top knot, whilst Annie went for a relaxed wedding look. I had a lovely fishtail plait on the side of my hair - really nice way of working a trend that requires long hair when you haven't got long hair!!

Rach having a laugh with Gaga!
My gorgeous side fishtail - Thanks Zara!
The gorgeous Annie after being "Aussie'd"
Lady GaGa and Beyonce dropped in...they had some time to kill whilst waiting for the next private jet. Fierce, Fresh and totally fabulous. No other words needed to describe.

I got to meet some fellow bloggers which was lovely, what a gorgeous bunch they are...

Milly, Claire, Ling, Rachel and Nicola

 The night went far too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to leave. So off we went into the night, clutching our goodie bag (and wearing our wigs!) A meal deal at Boots (where I STUPIDLY got a shapers wrap. Who diets after a night on the cocktails!?) and the longest train journey, our Aussie-fied heads hit the pillow for dreaming.

Thanks Aussie! We had a great time, and if possible it made me love you even more.

(thanks to Aussie for the use of the photos, if you want to see the full set then go here)


  1. Oh that looks like so much fun! Your fishtail plait is lovely.

  2. Loving the fishtail plait and so nice of GaGa to drop by. The wigs are just fabulous. xxx

  3. That looks like an amazing night! Love the wigs!!

  4. aw what a fun night! damn i miss all these fun kinda blogger events cos i live in the countryside in the middle of ireland.. lol..gonna check out these other lovely ladies blogs now! :)x

  5. wow sounds like a fun night!

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