Monday, 30 August 2010

My First Tutorial - Eliza Doolittle Inspired Top Knot

I promised I'd be back didn't I!
My first tutorial is inspired by the gorgeous Eliza Doolittle. I saw her video for "Pack Up" the other day, and straight away copied her topknot look. I'd done the top knot before in pictures on the blog, read it here.

Here's how to do it, I hope you find it easy to copy and if you do try it out I'd love to know...

I've just noticed I sound really West country, I've been back at my mum's all weekend and my 'twang' has got stronger. Ooaaarr my lover!!

Let me know if you've enjoyed it, and subscribe to my youtube channel for more lovely vids.


  1. I don't think I'm going to be doing the top knot anytime soon (I feel my face is a little too round and my ears a little too sticky out-y) but it was great to see you talking about the bun ring. I have to try and do my hair in some type of Victorian style for a fancy dress party and my hairs only down to my shoulders with quite a lot og layers, so I haven't got a lot to work with! But hopefully the bun ring may help!
    And don't worry about the West Country twang, I've got it too!

  2. great blog!

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  3. Brilliant! I swear by my doughnut but my creations can be a bit hit and miss. I clearly need to invest in that comb and backcombing brush to make the final result a bit more polished. xxx

  4. Kel this was great! I really need to buy one of those doughnut things! they are great for adding volume. Thank you this, I didnt realise you sort of tuck the hair in!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial, it came out really well! I need to get myself one of those doughnut things!

  6. Fab video gorgeous girl! I LOVE Ms. Doolittle's hair in that video and I have that doughnut fandango from Boots so I'm going to give this a go! Keep the videos coming, can't wait for messy up dos! xxx

  7. Kel, it was fantastic! Thank you! I don't tend to suit my hair too pulled back but I might give this a try anyway. I'm intrigued about the doughnut/beehive thing as I've never backcombed my hair in my life and wouldn't know where to start - any tips on how to achieve that look?

  8. Love this tutorial. Your accent is immense!! Love the top knot, just wish I had enough hair to do it! :) x

  9. Great tutorial! I need a bun ring!!

  10. Thank you for all your comments you lovely lot. :)
    I can't wait to do more vids for you.

    Hopefully bun ring sales will soar! I need shares in it! :)


  11. i am buying a bun ring tomorrow!
    OH YES!

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