Monday, 16 August 2010

Emma Watson - Flying the flag for short hair

You've probably seen the pictures, read about it, and you fall into two categories. You love it, or you hate it. Marmite hair

Emma Watson, cute Hermione Granger in Harry Potter has gone for a very grown up crop.

I think she looks stunning, and comparasions have been drawn between her and Mia Farrow amongst many others. I think it's like the gorgeous Carey Mulligan. There was nothing wrong with her long hair, it suited her fine, but it was a little non descript - and maybe after years of playing Hermione she wanted to show the world she's grown up.

If you fancy going for the snip, ask your hairdresser for a short crop (gamine) cut, left slightly longer towards the front and top - and adding slices of different blondes and browns will add depth to the cut. This is a brave style, and every aspect of your face will be on show. It's not for the shy - best suited to oval face shapes, and petite features. You can wear it a few different ways, and it's great for girls who want to wash and go! Low maintenance, really stylish.

Would you ever do anything as drastic? Do you applaud Emma for going for it, or do you think she's mad for losing her long locks?

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  1. Hi Kel!

    As you know I went for the chop earlier this year so I know how big a decision it is, but having said that...don't hate me...but I really don't like this cut on her. I think once she takes her make up off she will look like a 12 year old boy. I also think from that picture it looks like a really bad cut, like it has been done with a knife and fork! I wish she had gone for a prettier shorter hairstyle, maybe a short bob with a super short fringe, but still really feminine. For me this is a total fail!

  2. Love it! She looks really grown up without trying too hard but I do think she's definately channeling Carey Mulligan. xxx

  3. Love it too! I'm a huge fan of short hair and love it when celebs take the plunge. So many famous folk have long, flowing locks so it's nice to see one breaking the mould. :) x

  4. I love her new hair, it def suits her. She's lucky she suits both long and short. I'm hopefully going shorter this Thursday...unless my hairdresser has some new ideas...which in facct he normally does. x

  5. I like it, I just wish it was slightly less severe!

  6. Well that's 1 against, 1 kinda, and 3 like it. :)
    Love a mixed bag of opinions. Definitely marmite hair isn't it!

    @pip I can't imagine you with longer hair! It so suits you short.

  7. I think she looks great - I agree with Jen, it's great to see a celeb with shorter hair. I just hope she doesn't go and get extensions in a few months time! x

  8. Well of course I like it! She looks AMAZING.

  9. She looks lovely, although i do prefer her with her longer hair x

  10. Ohh I dunno :( Its just a tad too short... could do with being a bit softer and more feminine. Looks like its been combed over to the side with some freaky-ass highlights :( I dont mean to be harsh, but I think it will look a bit more nice when its grown a teeny but! Coming from the person who gets her hair cut short all the time, loves it but still cries about it :) haha. xx


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